Old Dawg Learns an A’Doorable New Trick

For a long time now we’ve been on the hunt for a quality dog door, one that was made to last and made to fit the girth of Dawg. We did alot of research and everything we read led us to Moore Pet Door, that they are hands down the leader.

We ordered the door before Thanksgiving but we haven’t (um, Mr. EOS hasn’t) had the time to install it until today. I played Heidi, his trusty assistant, handing tools and sweeping up behind the saw dust.

Mr. EOS would say the install was fairly easy, other than the when he opened the wall there pieces of the framing for a former window. But nothing a Sawz-All couldn’t power through.

Mr. Stud Muffin searches for a wall stud

Uh, Oh spaghetti-o. Found old window framing in wall.

Tools R Us.

Through the wall!

The unit is slid into place from the inside.

The outside now needs to be measured and trimmed to fit.

Trimming the metal exterior.

Exterior panel piece in place, with nice rain shield.

Who me, jump through there??

And after only one try, Bingo. By Jove, she got it.

The REAL trick now will be to teach Dawg this is the default access and egress. Not sure how to do that yet. But we were impressed she got the going in and out part so easily. No hesitation. No fear. No pushing. No dog bones for treats.

Now ladies, wouldn’t it be great if husbands were so easy to train?!!

10 thoughts on “Old Dawg Learns an A’Doorable New Trick

  1. I am so behind reading your blog. We were away, then my dad was ill and then Thanksgiving and then, collapse on the sofa.

    First of all, Happy Belated Thanksgiving. How was the meal at Fresco? We eat there alot as it is near hubby’s office. Your home-cooked bird looked delicious. Buy it locally?

    And of course, Happy Birthday to your mom. The ukulele playing beautiful woman. How lucky you all are to have such a vivacious and active 94 year old in your lives.

    I am so glad to know you like your Moore pet door. We are thinking of getting one but wonder about the safety aspect, and critters getting in and out. And how about the wind? Does it flap in the breeze at night? Looking for a full review, once you’ve had it in more than ten minutes.

    We have a pretty stupid dog so I don’t know if she’s capable of learning to use an alternate way of going in and out.

    LOVE the last sentence!!

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if husbands were so easy to train?!!

    Based on the above, it would seem yours is.

  3. Raccoons and other wildlife looking for a meal and a warm bed love our cat door. This leads to many strategies of Darwinian selection. (Not talking about husbands here)

    Unfortunately, the cat seems to like the company.

  4. “Now ladies, wouldn’t it be great if husbands were so easy to train?!! “

    Wow, I’m shocked, EOSr. How incredibly rude, insensitive and sexist. It looked like Mr. EOSr did an exemplary job retrofitting that new door and now you point the superiority finger of an arrogant gynocrat. I guess women think that men are absent of compassion and feeling and now comparing us married males to a canine behavioral pattern is doggone sad and crushing. Perhaps in the future you would please take the time to choose a less hurtful and unsupportive tenor. Now I have to go practice going in and out the door until I pant. 😉

  5. Funny. Funny. Funny. Mr. EOS so far has only mastered going out the door. I had to let him in the kitchen door last night, as it was above his learning curve to do both. 🙂

    [of course, like you, I jest, as everyone knows Mr. EOS is the best man on the planet. I am sure Mrs. Michigan would say the same about you].

  6. I am already aware and envious of the talents of Mr. EOS. Would agree with above with one exception, one DE resident best man but maybe not in competion since it’s a distance to travel for projects.

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