Is It Wrong to Kiss a Laptop?

Cable and internet back up and running and despite retrieving email on my cell phone all along, the laptop sucked in every email for the last 15 days. All 379 of them. I missed the laptop terribly, for blog viewing, news gathering, shopping, and posting. It’s official: WordPress for the iPhone STINKS!!

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Belatedly, but wholly appropriate, I return to my blog roots and post a gorgeous photo and commentary, compliments of EarthImage.

Reflection from CENT-COM on Veterans Day from EarthImage
Thinking of the more than 2000 American lives lost in Afghanistan.

14 thoughts on “Is It Wrong to Kiss a Laptop?

  1. Thanks, Mrs I-
    Wanted to echo our host’s sentiments about missing the photos and stories from Mr. I.
    Please grace us with some photo updates of the changing seasons where you are.

  2. So glad to hear your back in the modern techie world again, EOS. Great photo E.I. This the the AFB which has been in the news so much lately, right?

  3. SB- Yes. I regard this as an inside take-down at Cent-Com. The seamy/steamy side of war in Afghanistan has come home to Tampa. The killer drones shoot from here, so there is a certain irony that the burning missiles of the devil land back here. Psalms 90 & 91 by Moses.

  4. What did you do first? Turn on the TV or the laptop? Don’t forget to file for your Cablevision credit – you can do it online. Caveat: Cablevision says the credit will “appear in one or two billing cycles.” In other words, so many people filed for a refund, it’s going to take them a LONG time to get that money back to you.

    So glad you are connected again. I didn’t miss it as much as I thought. Nor did the children. My hubby, now HE was a mess without phone service and internet.

  5. Lovely photo, EOS. 🙂

    I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you are. My brain’s been a bit off the planet lately so haven’t really been doing much except updating my current blog. (Come by and say hello in a comment sometime.)

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