So, Just Where IS The Giant Spider???

Yesterday morning, roped off like a crime scene, a Very Busy Spider made one of the longest continuous spins I have seen. Also, two large round webs on the backs of other chairs. But no sign of the Spider. Sadly, last night we had torrential rains and the webs are all gone as of this morning. It breaks my heart that the Poor Spider’s work of art is destroyed.

The video STINKS and no matter how I tried to edit it to take out portions of blur, the editing program did not want to accommodate me. Hint: when you get to 1:39.79, fast forward for about three seconds.

A couple of stills first, then the video.

12 thoughts on “So, Just Where IS The Giant Spider???

  1. Too funny! My son and I were just discussing spiders. We discovered a big one (more than an inch in diameter) on our porch during the downpour last night. Then she disappeared and we were wondering where she went (well, he was wondering, I was hoping she didn’t come closer to me!!)

    1. Martha: I don’t know much about spiders; do you know if one spider might have spun all this gold or do they work in pairs or teams? I fell asleep with visions of a Japanese horror movie: Giant Spiders Invade Bedford!

  2. That’s a huge web. Maybe ask some neighbors if there’ve been any reports of Spiderman sightings in the area

  3. I couldn’t look. I have a real fear of spiders, stemming from an incident when I was a child, visiting my grandparents in Florida. I felt something crawling on me and looked and it was a giant black spider. I screamed so loudly my grandmother thought I had been killed. Ever since then, i’d adhered strictly to a No Spider regimen. I’ll rely on others to tell me how wonderful the long web is.

    We’re off for the long weekend, to our house in the Adirondacks. The weather looks iffy for much of the weekend but it is a family reunion when all my sibs and their spouses and children gather. By Monday, spiders may look GOOD to me!

    Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend.

    1. Catherine: have a great weekend, in spite of or because of all the sibling gathering. I promise to warn you before posting another spider photo or video. Your childhood story made ME cringe. I’d have a fear too if that had happened to me.

  4. I’m not an Arachnophile (which I think is the word for someone who loves spiders) but this spider’s work is really impressive. As is your video! I have never seen such a huge spider web in someone’s backyard. You said you think it was all spun overnight? Wow.

    1. Rosie: As best as I can judge, this was an overnight project. I am on that patio daily and I would have torn it putting cushions on a chair or sitting on a chair that doesn’t need a cushion. I am hoping someone will tell me if spiders work tag team – or as a couple. I’ve never seen spiders in a pair but for one spider to do this on his own is impressive indeed. As for the video being impressive. hardly, but thanks for saying so.

      Hope the 405 is open in Los Angeles and you are able to get out and about for the long holiday weekend. Enjoy.

      1. The video was impressive because your hands didn’t shake (like mine) and I could see exactly how long the threads were.

        All is well with the 405. It opened on Sunday night about 7 hours ahead of schedule.

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