Our Rhode Island Deconstruction Project continues, Mr. EOS and his Kubota working hard tearing down the old garage. The 30-yard dumpster is pretty close to full, this piece of the roof may even tip the scale.

What, you ask, is a Doric column doing in the middle of the topless garage? Only Mr. EOS can answer that………… 🙂

13 thoughts on “Fallaparthenon

  1. Looks good! If you’re going to put up a new building always build twice the size you think you need. Trust me, once you get into it you’ll always need (want) one twice as big. It’s a vicious circle guy thing.

    1. The new building has already been designed and approved by the town for a permit. Full living quarters upstairs and down, PLENTY of room for all the good stuff Mr. EOS loves. We did have a little “chat” about things that had to go, hence the second 30-yard dumpster is coming tomorrow. Every once in a while, into a thrifty Yankee life comes a New York wife who says, honey, that’s just gotta go!! 🙂

  2. when i saw the headline, i thought you were making some clever remark about #obamaFail last night in the debates.

    1. anon: Mr. EOS will gladly answer today for a burger on Tuesday.

      austin: I put this post together before the debate; anyway my audience gets fussy when I go into a political spin. Too many other bloggers do that well; if you promise not to tell anyone austin, i thought Romney hit a home run and Obama looked tired and lackluster. Pinky swear you won’t tell a soul?

  3. The column is the last part of the original structure built by my Uncle Adonis several millenia ago. I should put it in the garden, no? But then people will say it has a striking resemblance to the fancy new fiberglass columns on the front porch of the house…

  4. Thanks for the answer, sir. I can see why you and the Mrs. are a pair. Matching bookends of great sense of humor.

  5. @Anon65: Definitely had a better lobstering season this summer than last. Collected maybe a dozen and a half, but gave up about mid-July, mostly because of life’s intrusions. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of canned cat food, but I much prefer real bait, since the fillets feed us and the carcasses feed the lobsters.

  6. Interesting to see what Mr EOS’s latest project is, but more interested to read the comments. That’s a nice number of lobsters Mr EOS caught -and with cat food?

    1. Rosie: the cat food test goes back to earlier this summer when one fellow Rhode Island fisherman said that he/she caught alot of lobster with canned cat food. Mr. EOS had never heard of that so it gave it a try. Meow.

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