Surprise! It’s EOS-Friday-(Weekend) Time

By overwhelming demand (okay, two people), I am bringing back EOS-Fridays, but with a twist.

Taking suggestions from my peanut gallery to mix it up, I’m renaming it EOS-Weekend and when applicable if there are enough submissions, will post some on Friday, some on Saturday, some on Sunday. Or none on a Friday, all on a Saturday and None on a Sunday.

Get out your iPhone 5 or your Brownie Instamatic, and shoot shoot shoot.

Check out the EOS-Weekend How-To Page with information/rules on what and where to send photos.

Sit back and enjoy today’s entries.

From Reader Swanton:
Vermont, taken last year.

Two from regular contributor Cos Harbour:

Seems the theme today is rolls of hay. What a coincidence. Gorgeous photos all….and thanks to Swanton and Cos Harbour for sending in photos.

11 thoughts on “Surprise! It’s EOS-Friday-(Weekend) Time

  1. What a great Friday surprise. I always loved EOS-Fridays and glad you brought it back. Have a good weekend.

  2. Beautiful pics, thanks to all of you!

    P.S. EOS, don’t put pressure on yourself to do this every Friday, just surprise us when the mood (and time) strikes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My guess is that one of the reasons you burned out last time around is that you put so much pressure on yourself trying to come up with something new every day that what started out as fun turned into a daily chore. I’d rather see a new post when the spirit moves you to put one up rather than know you’re not having fun with it any longer. My two cents anyway…

  3. Sweet! My suggestion is: be free to select the best photo – or two – in a batch submission, rather than labor to compose a post that encompasses every shot. Can I pre-order my 2013 calendar now?

    1. Gee, did I put out a Suggestion Box somewhere? Another good idea Robin.

      It’s often a conundrum for me. People take the time and trouble to (a) take photos and (b) send them to me. I feel the very least I can do is publish them…all. I’ll have to work on that skillset.

      That would be no re the 2013 calendar. It was a One and Done deal. (political comment debated for here….and decided against) ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sweet, redux. i’d like to see a side by side comparison one week – same photo taken by the iPhone5 versus a traditional digital camera.

    on my way to work, i saw the tail end of the lines going into the apple building in nyc. apple stock at $1000 anyone?

  5. Enjoyed todays pictures and comments. I’m glad to be getting your emails again. They make my morning. The pictures of hay in the field are a common site in Northern Idaho. The main difference is the type of trees in the background. Ours are more often evergreens.

  6. I am so glad you are reinstating EOS Friday! I agree with other readers, go ahead and do it in a more flexible (even random) way that is easier on you. We will continue to enjoy it.

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