A Day For Quiet Beauty

Rather than any humor on this the eleventh anniversary of September 11, I am pleased to share with you fabulous photos taken by Sound Beacher, who dared to cross the border from Connecticut into the back woods of New York’s North Salem.

Commentary and photos all by Sound Beacher:

As the summer is winding down so are the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days, a national garden visiting program. The weekend reward was to tour some beautiful gardens on Sunday.

What a beautiful day!

The owner refers to this as: “a stonewall that pretends it’s a roller coaster”. Look closely, there are three passes on the sloping hillside.

This caught my eye. Note the massive stone in the middle.

At another garden, a 19th century farm, not only the plants were eye-catching but so was the architecture.

Classic front porch just steps from the roadway

Colonial era window with plants

This was a different garden to tour a huge estate with so many features. It was just so impressive.

A woodland walk with paths and trails in a canopy of trees. See how the tree sustains itself among the rocks

What an entrance

The great philosophers, Greek gods and men of history are all holding court. Just the spot to have your morning breakfast and gather inspiration for the tasks at hand.

The purple and white flowers are what I photographed

This spider was so unique and big and scary and she looks like she’s written a message with her web. She was hanging on the grape arbor and I saw two of them. Yikes!

8 thoughts on “A Day For Quiet Beauty

  1. You’ve made my day Sound Beacher and thanks EOS for choosing to post something quiet and beautiful. My husband lost two really good friends eleven years ago. Wishing everyone a day of reflection, and peace.

  2. Peace is such a long road. I love this post. Is the second flower the white one an acidanthera (very fragrant), a kind of gladiola,
    and the next, an orb weaver? Thank you both for these photos.

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