Who Knew?????

Mr. EOS boated out this calm morning to check the lobster traps. And………….

The three traps baited with that bluefish produced 2 keepers and maybe 6 shorts – a good sign for the future. The first trap baited with cat food yielded… nothing. I began composing in my head a reimbursement bill to reader Fisher, who suggested the crazy bait idea. But that document went into the mental shredder when the second cat food trap snared THREE lobsters, one a keeper!

Thank you, Friskies Special Diet.

7 thoughts on “Who Knew?????

    1. Mr. EOS has been lobstering all his life and never did it occur to him to use CAT FOOD as bait until he got a comment a while back suggesting it. I tweeted this post to Purina. Let’s see if THEY think it’s funny too!! 🙂 Here kitty kitty!!

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