Brain Teaser Saturday

Thankfully I had already built an ark because last night’s rains were enough for the house to float away. My entire outdoor day plan has been scrapped (unless miraculously, as the eensy-weensy spider said, the sun comes out and dries up all the rain!). And even if I wanted to go out, The Town of Bedford is telling me not so fast:
Advisory: AVOID Route 172 South Bedford Rd from Clark Rd to Route 22 Old Post Rd. storm related. Wires and trees down.

In lieu of parades and Katonah Day event photos, here’s something to keep your brain cells active.

Click here for first Geography Quiz: Type in the first three letters of the US State.

Click here for USA Geography Quiz 2, drag and drop the state into position:

And when you feel really smart, try the drag and drop game in Europe. Not as easy!

Bonus: for Betty L: This one for you, the Africa Drag and Drop Quiz. Quickly,where’s Cameroon?

7 thoughts on “Brain Teaser Saturday

    1. Funny Robin. I saw that clip of the Miss USA contestants. Ouch.

      Speaking of the VP, Joe and Jill Biden’s daughter is getting married today, right near where my mom lives. I tried to bribe her to go over and take pix but….

  1. Sun is trying to come out. Are you going to the Kellogs and Lawrence 125th anniversary party?

  2. LOVE this !! It’s beautiful, sunny and COOL here in Atlanta, and I’m at my computer, trying to prove that I’m a geography whiz — but I’m so mad because I GOT New Hampshire and it didn’t credit me… who do I sue?? tee hee….

  3. p.s. Love that Delaware thing … everybody in the state is probably invited!! (Did you know Joe Biden’s younger brother went to school with us for years, and Joe was a really good friend of my cousin Marty’s family .. and ours?? He came to my dad’s funeral! I’ve actually always liked him — he is quite a character!

    1. I did NOT know that you knew any of the Biden boys and that Joe came to your dad’s funeral. My mom sees Joe around the block often when he’s in town and says he’s always congenial, and even knows what congenial means 🙂

  4. Paraphrasing Biden: “In 1929, when the stcok market crashed, FDR went on television to reassure the American people”. At least he got the year right!

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