6 thoughts on “And They’re Off…………..

  1. Very cool, EOSr! I used to do a lot of that when I was much younger and had a blast! A very good friend of mine owns this track in Florida. http://www.jenningsgp.com/ Safe racing for your son and tell him; “when in doubt…gas it!”

    1. Michigan: Motorcycle racing. Welder. Beekeeper. And a good Republican. My hubby said he’d like to shake your hand.

      Thanks for the link to Jennings. I will save the website and forward it to him for future reference.

  2. Michigan: A fellow NESBA rider and former WERA racer rents Jennings each year and opens it up to his friends (an invite that is highly coveted). I have always dreamed of running at Jennings…think your friend would be up to chat? I am a firefighter in NY and work a lot with the 9/11 Memorial Fund, maybe we do a track day where the proceeds go to the Memorial Fund? As for tires I run Dunlop NTEC slicks UK front mediums and US rear softs. Thanks for the advice 😉

  3. EOSr’s son two: You could call there and find out. I don’t know if he now does the scheduling personally since it’s gotten much bigger but I’ll send the details to EOSr (your mom) via email and she can forward them to you. I don’t want to put personal information open to all on the web.

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