Dateline: The Case of the Murdered Shrubs

A dear friend, who chooses to remain anonymous, sent these hysterical photos. Her Weekend Warrior Gone Bad commentary and photos below.

I took our daughter to a birthday party yesterday and before we left I asked hubby to please trim the bushes out front (as we finally got the trimmer back from his mom who had been holding it hostage for months). I even suggested he not get too crazy with the trimming (as he has done in the past) and to just neaten them up a bit. Several hours later I come home and this is what I find.

I was pleased when I looked at one side of the house….

….and then didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the other side…

8 thoughts on “Dateline: The Case of the Murdered Shrubs

  1. If someone let me loose with a trimmer, there’s be nothing left so I give this guy credit for leaving a couple of branches. I like your idea that he was aiming for something artistic. Carving a topiary?

    Aren’t you tired of this rain, again today!?

  2. Wow; the first thing that came to mind was groundskeepers gone wild. But on second thought, there must be a pic missing of a trail of empty beer bottles between sides of the house.

  3. The good news is, they will grow back. The bad news is it will take more than a year to get them filled in. He might as well cut some more and make them all even and shaped up. They will look stick-like for all this summer, but then they’ll grow some more. Keep them fertilized to spur it along.

  4. Oh my LORD! 😆

    Two thoughts came to mind immediately:
    1) He’s no Mr. EOS.
    2) She’ll never ask him to trim the shrubs again.

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