6 thoughts on “No Words Necessary

  1. I wonder if your glorious flowers photos today with no words is a tribute to our fellow Bedford resident Mary Kennedy?

    1. Catherine: Not on purpose but I guess when you think about it, it is appropriate. I did not know Mary but she certainly deserves a tribute. I am very sad (and also perturbed) that the national news (who are ALL in Bedford today in front of the deli and library) are making her death about The Kennedy family, you know, the “another Kennedy tragedy” line. While it is certainly a tragedy. I hope someone does her justice, speaks about who she was, what her strengths were, what she gave to the world, not that she was married to a Kennedy.

      Did you know her Catherine?

  2. I only knew her peripherally, through mutual friends. Not enough to comment or to share a thought.

  3. I’ll add one word: beautiful.

    Agree with others that it’s a sad story about Mary Kennedy. One has to feel for her children.

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