Weekend Warrior #5 – Portland, Oregon

[From Reader Maggie, her fabulous entry for Weekend Warriors! Thanks for letting us see your neck of the woods.]

We are finally having spring in Oregon which we haven’t had since 2009. A couple of weekends ago, when you posted the lilac photos, I decided to pick a little project to send you. I settled on rhododendrons. I pruned and dug and got a Sawzall and went to town….which eventually led to my taking out some laurel, too. So I had big piles of stuff but left it for the yard guy to get later.

That brings us to last weekend. May 6 was supposed to be in the 70s. Wahoooo! I had already planned a dinner with another family for that day then my brother suggested we invite a friend of my parents (both deceased) because she had been recently widowed. OK, how nice. One thing led to another and I wound up having 20-25 people for dinner that night and couldn’t get a hold of the gardener to haul everything out of there so you will see how I dealt with it, out of sight…party on!

Gardener came yesterday and mowed and took everything away for me to make another mess this weekend and it’s forecast to be in the 80s!!!!

Lilac photo for you

Lilac photo for you

Rhodies before

Rhodies before

Rhodies after (and this angle isn’t good to see how much airier they are)

Piles of branches

Pre party photos

Clearly my next project is the patio!!!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior #5 – Portland, Oregon

  1. I have a first cousin in Portland and he never stops bragging about how wonderful a city it is. You have a lovely yard Maggie, so lush. Great job of pruning; and those retro metal chairs on the porch – my grandmother had those same ones. They say everything comes back in style so maybe my comb-over will be popular one day again too?

    Terrific post Maggie.

  2. Never seen such huge rhodies. Are they 100 years old Maggie? Fun photos and as EOS would say in her own inimitable and happy fashion, welcome to the extended EOS family. When you are at EOSr, you are family! 🙂

    Peter, your first cousin is right. Portland is wonderful. I spent the first four years of marriage there.

  3. Very nice pics! Great job giving the Rhodies a haircut, I can see the difference in the lower branches and symmetry. Love the deck furniture too, as some of the others have said. Those metal chairs are really pretty comfy. I’m sure you had a great party, thanks for sharing your space.

  4. my wife grew up in portland and adds her song of praise for the town. maggie, not only are the rhododendrons huge, but the lilac tree is too. sawzall is the best invention since peanut butter. good job maggie.

  5. You all are so nice! It’s funny b/c my rhodies aren’t very big in Portland at all. In my neighborhood there are rhodies that are towering walls of flowers. Now, I’m going to have to find a photo of one, they can be 15 feet (or more) high! Same with the lilac, my big one is in the backyard by the rhodies.

    We are having Spring in Portland and it is so exciting! Thanks for liking my chairs. I’d like to add some real vintage ones to those….they’re new. My next hunt is for a good bird bath.

    Thanks EOS, I love reading all your posts!

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