One of Us Had to Get Work Done

While I stayed behind in New York and make sure Dawg is okay, Mr. EOS had a long list of plans today, so he skedaddled to Rhode Island. Most important on the list: get burn permit. Rhode Island (and more specifically our town) allows brush burning. New York – not on your life. The permit is easy to get, the wind for those of us on the water the prime factor in determining a yeah or nay vote. Yeah it was.

His commentary and photos:
some difficulty getting the pile to burn, after a week of wet weather; carted pile from original burn location, now abandoned cuz too close to trees. w/o a grapple, i had to tie brush up and travel backwards so as not to run over the dangling brush.

One task down. A hundred million to go!

10 thoughts on “One of Us Had to Get Work Done

  1. I like it! Is that Kubota orange paint on that loader bucket? A pic of the whole machine would have been nice too.

  2. Michigan: can you burn brush in your state? We’ve had it banned so long in NY I can’t remember much of a time in my life being able to do so, except as a kid when my dad burned the fall leaves. Our old house even had an incinerator. Bet you can’t have one of those today in New York.

    1. She’s okay. Not completely her old chipper self but I think this cold damp weather gets to her bones. I have a microwavable heat disk that is for dog beds and tonight I’ll give it 6 minutes and maybe even turn on the radiant heat in the kitchen floor. What we do for our pets! She ate the slightest bit of dinner so I say she needs another day to regroup – then we’ll head to RI for some fun sea gull chases on the beach – that always makes her happy!

  3. Peter: Yes, we can burn here. I live in a rural area and we still are asked to call and tell them (911) that we’re burning. They can say no (usually due to conditions) and if we go ahead anyway and then things get out of control and you have to call for help, you’ll get charged for the expenses needed.

  4. EOSr: Great pics of the Kubota! I read that he didn’t have a grapple to lift brush. Tell Mr. EOSr I can highly recommend the next best thing, a “thumb”. Mechanical and hydraulic are made. I see from the pics on your link that there is already a structural bushing welded to the dipper on the hoe. That might be for a thumb to be installed on. Either the hydraulic cylinder or mechanical pivot might pin through there. I have a Case 580 SK and bought one and installed it and I can tell you without a doubt that it’s the best money I’ve spent on that backhoe to increase productivity and convenience. You can pick up and place large rocks, trees, etc. with ease!
    If you can’t get one through Kubota, I bought from these guys and they were great. Mine was for a Case but here’s an example on a Kubota hoe.

    They fold up when you store it so it’s not in the way when digging.

    1. Michigan: Mr. EOS asked Santa for a thumb. Santa said he couldn’t carry it in his sleigh. He also said something like “either a thumb or a month in South America”. We opted for the latter. The thumb will have to wait. But it is MOST DEFINITELY on his must-have list. He will appreciate your link and will likely comment later tonight on his own.

  5. Yes, Santa stuffed some nonsense about the GVWR of her sleigh in my stocking, so no thumb. But I surely want one, and as you noted, all the plumbing is in place. Also could use a QA forklift. The backhoe has gotten a lot of use, but it’s annoying to have to turn the seat around and reposition the tractor all the time. A mini excavator is way handier than a sleigh, but I’m sure Santa will never understand that either!

  6. LOL, Mr. EOS! And don’t forget to get the pusher blade accessory in front of the tracks when you get your excavator. You wouldn’t want to push Santa too far by making multiple requests.

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