Another Sunless Sunday

Cloudy and gray. Cloudy and gray. Cloudy and gray. The repetitious forecast has many of us in the doldrums, even the flowers are longing for some sunshine to pop open.

Watching and waiting for the peonies to burst is like watching paint dry – they are taking freaking forever!

And speaking of waiting for paint to dry – one of the weekend chores was to paint the top of a cushion storage box outside. Last year a citronella candle fell over and the wax hardened before it was noticed, leaving a huge black stain on the top.

For “it’s pouring, take the cushions off the furniture” storage

First coat is done and if it doesn’t rain, we’ll get to the final coat this morning.

I’ve been hearing the loud songs of birds wooing each other in the back woods and tried to find the bird but no easy feat. This pathetic video shows, in a fleeting nanosecond, a large black bird fleeing the tree. I ran around the house to where I’d seen the woodpecker before and there, flapping his large wings, a huge pileated woodpecker zoomed by.

I Googled “pileated woodpecker song” and as you can hear from the clip, I do indeed have the orchestra “wood”wind section at my home!

I was blown away when I found this YouTube video by SmithWalker13; he/she put a GoPro camera on a suet bird feeder and lo and behold, a pileated woodpecker came a knocking! Awesome.

And to end my bird stories today, this – on the kitchen window. Now HOW on earth did a bird get that close to poop ON the window.

13 thoughts on “Another Sunless Sunday

  1. The Pileated Woodpeckers are great birds. We have some around us and they’re very distinctive in voice and color. Some folks don’t realize that they’re the size of a crow and can do a great deal of damage to anything wood, even your house.
    Love your patio stone and pattern! It looks like slate but is there some bluestone in it too?

    1. michigan: I’ve done several posts about the woodpecker damage around our property, one tree pecked down to the core. They are gorgeous though and even though they so damage, I am delighted they grace my yard. I so want to put a Go Pro camera on the tree where they are nesting.

      There is quote a bit of bluestone in the slate. It’s pretty common in these parts.

  2. Great videos of the woodpecker, that’s a very interesting YT channel you linked to, thanks!

      1. Thanks I was thinking of posting my most recent photo tomorrow. I will try to remember to send the link along. I hope it is the same kind as it looks a lot like the one in your video.

      1. Thank you for letting me include my link. If you have any good bird photos you want to include in a link let me know. I am glad you liked my blog.

        1. Season: I’m more known for my butterfly and peony photos; birds not as much. I’m too slow at the draw to grab my camera and by the time I find it, the bird has long flown away. But if I ever DO take one, I’ll be sure and give you a shout-out.

          One quick question: that gorgeous red barn in the photos page of your blog – will you wrap that up and send it to me, please. I’ll pay the postage. It’s gorgeous. Yours?

        2. Well I also enjoy butterflies so you can send those along also. The barn in the neighbors behind us, but he lets us claim it as our properties back up to each others and our view towars the mountains includes it.

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