Weekend Warrior #4: Michigan

I have a fairly new reader who calls himself “michigan” and today he sent along his version of Weekend Warrior he calls Bees and Dogs. Always Good.

New hives always start with new bees. Each box holds 3lbs. and about twenty thousand bees with Queen. Three pounds will run you about eighty bucks. You pick up.

Shake bees into hives, leave stragglers outside to find their way back with the swarm.

Inspect weekly and feed sugar sauce as needed

Remove Queen Box in a few days and inspect. Comb was made over a three day period.

And then we have two canine challenges.
This is Joan. Some say she has a white star on her chest; I call it a pentagram.

And, Zsa Zsa. She’s all of thirteen pounds wet but can run 35 mph.

A vicious and protective beast she is.

Michigan, Thanks for joining our Weekend Warrior gang!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior #4: Michigan

  1. michigan, welcome to the eos family. these are great photos; tell us more; how long have you been beekeeping? what do you do with the honey? the obvious: how often do you get stung? do the dogs ever get too close?

    the dogs are fantastic – are they both greyhounds? the first one looks not the color of a traditional greyhound.

    sorry to ask so many questions –

  2. Great photos, Michigan! You won my heart with your adorable Iggy. Your other pup is a beauty too.

  3. Thanks, Austin. I did beekeeping quite a bit up until about twenty five years ago. I didn’t have the opportunity again until now. The knowledge base and technology has vastly improved over what was available back then. As far as stings go, it’s part of it but with the newer bee suits, it’s a rarity. Each hive can have its own personality and if you get one that becomes too aggressive, you just buy a new Queen for the hive and through attrition the swarm becomes of the new Queens gentler traits. It’s pretty easy work until harvest time in the fall. Then, it’s hot and heavy work, each box (called a “super”) can weigh as much as eighty pounds. You have to uncap the comb and extract each foundation frame. Honey is very dense and keeps just about forever, we will give much away.
    The dogs are kept away from the hives so we never have a problem. Joan is a Whippet and Catahoula Leopard Dog mix and Zsa Zsa is pure bread Italian Greyhound.

  4. Hi, Robin
    Bears no, not where I’m at, but skunks, raccoons and opossums very much so. Skunks especially can make a tasty meal from a beehive. They’ll bang on the front, goading the sentry bees out and then eat them up. They don’t go for the honey; they actually eat the bees themselves. That’s why I have the circular fencing cages around the hives for.

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