So You Want to Pass Me, Eh?

We’ve all had days when we groan at the idiot in such a hurry he passes when he shouldn’t. Most of us hope he gets his just desserts down the road. Wellllllllll, seems it’s not only HUMAN nature to want a little revenge!!

Photos sent by blogging buddy Rosie of Wondering Rose. She didn’t take them herself but I presume she knows who did? We should give credit where credit is due. Photos are from February 17, Pilanesberg Game Reserve, South Africa.

6 thoughts on “So You Want to Pass Me, Eh?

  1. Confirms what I’ve always said: “Don’t ignore the elephants in the room (or in your lane.)

  2. My thanks to anonymous for checking up on snopes. I was glad to read the driver’s account of the incident as I wondered what would have possessed someone to try drive around a huge bull elephant and I also wondered what happened after the elephant rolled the car over.

    I’ve never been to this particular game park but I have been to the Kruger National Park (also in South Africa) and elephants very often walk down the roads.

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