Weekend Warrior #3: Albuquerque

[Great to have entrants from far afield. You may remember Betsy from some of her great EOS-Friday photos. Thanks for participating!]

From New Mexico Reader Betsy, The Lows and Highs of Spring

Four 39 gallon trash bags later and there are still mulberry seed pods to be swept up. A killer for the allergies!

But the shade these trees provide in the summer is worth every ounce of effort.

75 mph winds this evening and 16 trees around our house. Probably doesn’t sound like many but in the southwest trees are not that plentiful and people marvel at the shade around our city lot. Have to thank the original owners who moved here from Ohio in the mid 1950s and planted densely. That was when water was abundant. Can’t imagine anyone doing that now although we put in three beautiful maples two summers ago. Any way,there will certainly be debris to clean up this weekend. Luckily no limbs came down. I hold my breath when we have wind storms that one of them doesn’t end up on the roof.

Wish this storm had brought a little rain. We are well overdue for some moisture. You could smell the ozone in the air after the winds died down but all we saw was “virga”….rain that is falling from the clouds but never reaches the ground. Pretty common out here….but is so disappointing.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior #3: Albuquerque

  1. Hi,
    Great photos, it is always a worry with large trees and strong wind, but they do provide welcome shade from the sun.
    I hope you get some rain soon, it has been raining here all day, I wish I could send it over to your side of the world.

    1. Mags, it’s supposed to rain this weekend. We woke up to temperatures in the 30s; I had to turn the heat back on. Dawg was shivering and begging to climb under the covers with us! Have a good weekend.

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