Just In: Weekend Warrior Cheating Scandal

Although I have given my readers the liberty of sending in their weekend chore photos done by others (hint, Catherine!), it was assumed we would be posting photos of work we did.

I can not tell a lie. This morning my gardening crew arrived at 7am, dressed in hats and gloves because it’s so darn cold and windy, ready to tackle all the flower beds.

Already by 9:00am, the new flower bed in front is pristine and ready for next week’s Sweet Peetย delivery.

The worst beds are out back, the old catmint, the growth of which is tough to pull away. I will say that the new growth this spring is incredible, everything looks healthy and tall and green. Even the boxwoods, that I choose not to cover last winter, but did spray, grew quite a bit.

Boxwood new growth

New hoses all around

Old ones get brought up to RI and still used, but need all new ends and connectors. They get trampled on, rolled over by wheelbarrows, and sat on by…you know who, Dawg.

Then, the discussion of deer spray. I hate the stuff, it stinks to high heaven, and I’m not convinced it works.

8 thoughts on “Just In: Weekend Warrior Cheating Scandal

  1. EOS: Seems your lawns are as bad as mine. Fookin wild strawberry! Dagnabit!!!!!

    Best anti deer strategy I’ve found is four foot post and rail fencing backstopped by 1 x 1 wire fence together with dogs patrolling inside. The deer – at least here in Fairfield County – are so lazy, they’ll just move on to easier pickings of which there is plenty.

    1. Luke: The “lawn” in front between the garden is alternately called Dawg Toilet. We never trained her to go in the back forty so she pees and poops in the place closest to the back door. Kinda don’t blame her. She does bark at and go after deer so we get fewer deer than some neighbors. Deer fencing the whole 5 acres would be prohibitively expensive, plus it would require me to have an entrance gate. Bottom line, the deer can have at what they can get to. Unless Cobra wants to come with his shotguns at dawn…..just saying.

    1. I often get locals asking me if they can come hunt deer during bow and arrow season; it doesn’t bother me but the neighbors behind me are opposed. I defer since they have little children.

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