Let’s Pretend It’s Spring

Close your eyes. Think bright sunshine. Blue skies. Green grass.

Aw snap. The reality is today is freezing cold again, gray skies with rain scheduled, and the grass is struggling to get green.

Thankfully SoundBeacher, our eternal optimist, sent in spring photos to cheer us up.


Mommy cardinal

Cardinal at the feeder

Woodpecker at the feeder

Squirrels caught in the act

Many of you have said you are seeing black squirrels in abundance. We rarely see GRAY squirrels anymore, black is predominant. SB added one more photo to the menagerie from their Connecticut yard.

One thought on “Let’s Pretend It’s Spring

  1. I ran along Guard Hill Road today with a hat, gloves, and a down vest on. I turned the heat on in the house even. Thanks to SoundBeacher for putting back a little “spring” in my step.

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