Weekend Warrior #2

From SoundBeacher……

It takes more than a weekend to get these projects done. The split rail fence piece just fell apart all on its own. Had to buy one, but they are 11 feet long and hard to fit in a 4-door car. Now in place, it doesn’t match the rest of them. Time will make that happen.

Old piece of railing.

Here is the split fence railing in the car; note those clouds…this was after the hail we had golfed thru.

New fencing in place.

Of course it’s only a matter of time to the other pieces need an upgrading also.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior #2

  1. I am being put to shame here. I showed hubby these posts and said, what can we send in? He said, take a photograph of the big check we write to the crew who keep our yard spotless!! 🙂 He’s right. We don’t do yard-work like the rest of you. But I am loving everyone’s photos and ability to get tasks done, A to Z.

  2. We used to do yard work right up until three days ago. They weren’t kidding about letting leaves of three, be.

  3. Yes, I’m talking about poison ivy. No fun at all. My case is mild. Not so for spouse who has a very impressive case of the the stuff. Not much you can do about it unless you treat the exposure right away- and we didn’t.
    I learned there are people you can hire who will dig up and remove all the vines- for a fee, of course.

    1. Good lesson to learn about hiring others! Vines especially. The other awful things about vines are the bee hives hiding under/in them. I’ve unearthed one or two in my weed-pulling days. Hope your hubby is well soon.

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