There are More Chores NOT on The List Than Are!

We’ve taken two steps forward and three back, tackling other chores that come up in doing one. Take for example, “arrange all patio furniture and bring out umbrellas.”

The three pool umbrellas were found but two patio umbrellas are among the missing, probably went down with the Titanic.

The furniture cushions came down from the garage attic but last fall I took off and washed many of the slipcovers so before setting out the cushions, I have to put the covers back on, hoping they didn’t shrink in the wash! This is when I wish I could sew.

Before the furniture gets set out, the weeds need to be dug up and sprayed.

And beyond that, winter frost heave unsettled a few pieces of flagstone to the degree the it needed immediate repair.

The hole to the center of the earth?

Random Day Laborer!
A quick sweep and that corner of the patio will be good as new.

In for lunch…………..and a well-deserved break.

2 thoughts on “There are More Chores NOT on The List Than Are!

  1. Oh, and using the newly purchased and assembled wheel barrow I see. Very nice, I’m sure the day laborer enjoys that beauty!

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