Tennis Anyone?

Sure, if you have beekeeper protective gear on!!!! I went down to hit a bucket of balls from the tennis machine and had to leave, bombarded by carpenter bees (with shiny as hell abdomens hunting me down!)

I know EarthImage said they don’t sting, but I didn’t want to hang around to prove him wrong. Look at the number of holes the carpenter bees have made in just one post of the tennis court fencing. You can see the holes even better in the video.

I guess we now know where the phrase “busy little bees” comes from!

14 thoughts on “Tennis Anyone?

  1. I can see the video until I click play. Then for me too it goes to white screen. But just listening to the bees made me understand why you bailed.

  2. I can see that you have MORE bees than our mailbox. (video works fine here) The mail lady did deliver today. Neighbor sprayed, I sprayed again early this morning and there are 6 dead bees on the ground (I do fee badly about that.) We stiil had 3 or more buzzing the mailbox, tho The male carpenter bee does not sting and that is the one that is usually flying around looking at you. The female does sting, but she is probably deep inside the 6″ or more bored wood cave they have made. I’ll send pics later of our progress.

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