Weekend Warrior #1

[First in the spring series called Weekend Warriors where readers send in photos of their chore list. Click link on home page for details.]

Reader Martha sent SIX, count ’em SIX, fabulous Spring Chore photos! Awesome. Good thing the weather today is conducive for such tasks. Maybe.

She says:
Hi there! I am so impressed by your to-do list. You are so together. Now I have to cover hvac units and hose bips for next year! (I grew up in Michigan-no ac was necessary and I figured it was mild enough here to not need a water faucet cover…)

Some, not all, of Martha’s list includes………….

1. Staining the pillars around our porch. This is actually hubby’s chore. He has 2 down 15 to go followed by the balcony deck and rail

2. Figure out how to speed up this ginormous compost heap

3. Figure out what is killing my evergreens. I have some fertilizer spikes to give them

4. Trim some dead off this holly shrub

5. Trim some dead off this wisteria, I just did a bunch of it, was wondering why there are only blossoms on half

6. And I just finished hosing the dust and bird doo off the patio. I must be the only bird hater. But they poop on everything and some crazy robins have been fighting and pecking my windows

4 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior #1

  1. You two are putting me to shame. Martha, gorgeous patio and yard and glad to hear I’m not the only bird hater. We have a conservatory out back and the birds sit at the top and poop all the way down the sides. Think white icing dripping off a cake, but not. 🙂

    I’m embarrassed to say we have help with our spring chores. Neither hubby nor I are particularly handy nor are we gardeners. But with two strong women here leading the pack of chore organizing, I may have to get with the program.

    Great photos Martha. I am sure EOS is thrilled you got the ball rolling. C’mon guys. Who’s next??

  2. Hubby staining pillars dark green to match door trim? Handsome patio.

    We’ve lost five evergreens this year. I don’t know if the freaky snow got them or if there’s a bug.
    I haven’t even made a LIST of spring chores yet. Help.
    Good sharing, Martha. Are you on the East Coast?

  3. martha, my holly was devoured by deer. they ate at my evergreens too. could that be the reason for your evergreen problem?

  4. Jake, the pillars are staying dark brown for now. I figure it will take him all year to get around the to all 17 and then it’ll be time to do it again! I’m in Fairfield county.

    Catherine, you should see my gate! Green, like our house trim with white goo. Yuck!

    Anon, deer might be nibbling, but we have a fence and I haven’t seen any. I think it’s a case I’ve bad soil, over planting and maybe too much shade. They had been neglected for a few years before we bought the house. After Irene, we removed at least 20 small evergreens from the perimeter and there are a few more that need to go. I’m hoping to save as many as I can, though.

    Thanks for the compliments:-). I need all the advice I can get!

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