This Bud’s For You Is The Understatement!

On one peony bud, and one bud only, a farm of ants, one spider AND a ladybug. I wonder what the bugs know and why they chose that bud?!

I was out in the gardens today, working under the bright sky checking the state of the peony beds. A few are ready to bloom, others weeks behind.

Just as I came in, I caught sight of a couple of ominous-looking clouds floating by. We NEED the rain so I hope they stay around and bring some precipitation.

6 thoughts on “This Bud’s For You Is The Understatement!

  1. The house next door to where I grew up was the house my mother grew up in. The yard had 3 or 4 large peony plants that my grandmother had put in about 50 years earlier. The flowers were so beautiful and fragrant. Whenever the neighbors let me cut some to bring home though I’d just manage to fill the kitchen with the ants that rode in on the flowers! I hope you get your needed rain. Thank you for sparking some pleasant memories!

    1. Karen: And what great memories flowers bring. It’s amazing how we (women mostly) can recall a bouquet or a corsage and the exact scent associated with it. Loved your story annd thanks for sharing it here!

  2. Well, we got some rain while golfing on the 6th hole, it even hailed for a bit. The wind was whipping and it got cold, but the storm blew thru quick. We’ve had some very dramatic clouds for a couple of days now.

    1. SB: We never got the rain, or hail! And the forecast for the next few days is sunshine and warmth. Normally I would say, great, but we need some rain! Hope you were able to finish the round of golf!

  3. Have you ever thought about putting your gardens on tour? Your peonies are always spectacular. Have a good weekend.

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