Veículo Elétrico

For all the tri-fuel cars we’ve seen on the road in Brazil, we hadn’t spied one electric car, until yesterday. Not on the road, but on display at the water power plant.

Check out the PRICE quoted in the article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Made by Fiat.
Quote from a local article (translated by Google)

After some years of negotiation and development, Fiat Brazil began production of the Fiat Palio Weekend in its electric version at its plant in Foz do Iguaçu in the south. The great expectation is that this will be the first electric car produced in Brazil since the REVA is also sold here but is not manufactured in the country.

Despite the novelty of being good, representing a breakthrough in the automobile in the country, experts say that the model is compared to vehicles like the Tesla Model S in terms of speed, appearance and price. The Fiat Palio Weekend Electric will cost about $ 70,000 (approximately U.S. $ 140,000.00) to have a range of about 120 km at a speed of 96.5 km / h.

Batteries are a composition of 100% recyclable and are fully charged in 8 hours, but are a bit heavy. Besides the electric motor is manufactured and imported KWO fact that even the more expensive product. For these and other, currently production is directed for use by companies, since the commercial value is still high. But it’s encouraging to know that we began to produce such a car in the country and even more when we know the government is intent on developing a national electric car, making Brazil the port of entry of electric cars in Latin America. You wait and see!

We’ve done alot of chatting with our local guides about many subjects, and each has been willing to engage us talking about politics and such. Prices of gasoline is a big topic but like in America, the electric car seems to be going nowhere fast.