Schuss, Don’t Tell. Lech is More!

Family members are just back from a week of skiing in Lech, Austria and they were kind enough to share their photos with all of us.

I am sure Lech is gorgeous on any day but after being in the desert topography of California all week, Lech looks especially beautiful and inviting.

What's apres-ski without fondue??
And what's fondue without a beverage?
So typical of local craftsmanship and style

10 thoughts on “Schuss, Don’t Tell. Lech is More!

    1. Actually SB, when they went to Lech, it was the day after many of these resorts were shut down and reeling from huge avalanches. They weren’t sure for a while if they could get to Lech and might spend the week where their first flight leg took them – Zurich!!

  1. BC, (before children), we skied at the town neighboring Lech, Zurs, I swore I’d go back again soon. Twelve years later and as close as I get are these photos. But GREAT photos they are and make me all the more want to get back there – as Sound Beacher said so well, while the knees still bend.

    1. funny, 198……… 🙂 Having lived in the Alps for a few years in the early 80s, I know how winters can vary. Brutal on the resorts when they don’t get snow until February. But from the sounds of the news today, Colorado is getting what Europe has been having. Winter, finally.

  2. great headline. you do justice to so many of your posts with your sense of humor headlines. have you thought of writing for jay leno?

  3. If you would be so kind, please pass along to your peeps
    my sincere thanks to them,for posting these experiental shots.
    All of them are uber!
    Fondue, who knew.
    The vernacular decor and mountains,
    all xceptionally well captured.

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