Salton Sea, The Movie. Rated PG-13

While taking still shots of the sea, all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, the seagulls took off en masse so I switched to video and took what I could see, which was very little considering I was shooting into the sun and I could not see the preview screen.

This video is not suitable for any small children in the room as there is a minor expletive-not-deleted in the first couple of seconds….I thought for sure I was going to become today’s non-fish special on the seagull menu. They were coming right AT me.

I have not edited the video so the footage is bumpy, but amazing.
Note: It is best viewed in FULL SCREEN MODE.

4 thoughts on “Salton Sea, The Movie. Rated PG-13

  1. The dialogue is good too…adds to the montage.

    It’s hard to be a steady tripod when you’re the prey in a predator video clip.

    Not Oscar material for “Best Director” mise-en-scène. But keep it up!

    1. It all happened so fast and I had the lens in macro-mode for a long distance still shot when the birds took off. From there is was a jumble of deciding where to aim the lens, how much to zoom out, and how quickly I was going to be killed!

  2. Was this with the Lumix? I find the screen on mine impossible to see when there’s bright light and changing from still to video mode is a pain. Quite a fiddly little camera, really. Nevertheless you’ve got some great video of those gulls. I was reading your post about Salton Sea yesterday but got distracted by my husband looking something up on Google maps, so I forgot to come back!

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