New Trip, New TOMS

It was right before our trip to New Zealand and Tasmania last year that I bought a Big Batch of Colorful TOMS shoes. Orange. Teal. Plaid. A basic Navy and Red too, but I lived in the bright colored ones as they really dressed up my feet. They were the best shoe ever for travel with lots of walking, not only easy to pack, but easy on the tootsies.

The TOMS went from a month of walking in New Zealand to a whole summer of usage at the beach and now, what can I say, they are ready to trash. The soles are almost worn through and the orange and plaid ones have holes in the toes (maybe my nails are too long?). But I got my money’s worth ten times over so I am not complaining. I do love my TOMS.

Don’t even ask what I was thinking to WASH a pair. They did not withstand the rigors of the machine. Something tells me I am smart enough to figure that out beforehand, but what can I say, I washed them nonetheless, rendering them pretty useless.

Note: I washed these TOMS. Not the smartest decision I've ever made!

ANYWAY, we’re off to California this weekend, a ten-day pre-vacation to get a base tan before the month-long vacation to Brazil and Argentina (ouch, did she really say that??) so I decided to buy a whole new batch of TOMS.

I was completely and utterly disappointed this year – NO COOL COLORS. No pink. No orange. No plaid. Just basic Army drab green and gray. And blue and red are so boring. There was one multi-color shoe that I could “kinda” do, but it was not available in my size. I debated about NOT buying any of them, seeing Lands End carries some lighter and bright color espadrilles but I opted for the TOMS because I am happy for their pledge to give one pair away for every pair I buy.

So TOMS, hear me roar, please bring back some fun colors. I’d buy ten pair if you did. Think of all the children you’d help, not to mention how I could single-handedly help the economy! Please!!

19 thoughts on “New Trip, New TOMS

  1. Ouch, those are drab. The gray and green are barely indistinguishable. Yuck. I’m surprised you bought the dreary pairs. Seems so unlike your vibrant personality.

    1. Catherine: Drab is the understatement. I really did debate about buying them; feet are so ugly in the first place that to put gray or army green on them defies logic. But I needed some new pairs.

  2. At only $45/pair and so much use, I agree you got your $ worth. The top pair look okay, the multi-color green and blue. They are in the toss pile?

  3. EOS: In Buenos Aires, try La Brigada steak house in San Telmo district (unless you know of a better one of course). My wife and I loved it. So much so, we went twice in 4 days. We went in November 2009. Some commenters on Fodor’s site are giving it low marks now, though I suspect that a bad experience there is a rare event because its clear the restaurant’s primary market are locals.

    Enjoy the trip!

    1. Luke: Thanks for the tip. I am jotting it down now. I was hoping someone would send us some “where to eat” ideas. We will be blogging during the trip and will send you a shout-out from there if we get in.

  4. If you buy them online, EOS, how can you be sure that they’ll fit properly, feel right in your feet? Is it that you buy a model in a shop, and then buy the same model online later, if required? I am not an online shopper, but want to become one. It saves so much hassle!

    I like these shoes, by the way. Very comfortable, and I don’t think they’re drab at all. 😛

    1. Priya: I’ve worn TOMS for a while so I know exactly what style and size fits me to a tee. I agree that shopping for shoes online is hit or miss, at best. But besides my local bookshop closing, a local shoe store has come up against financial hard-times and have cut back on their more expensive vendors, leaving mediocre brands in the window. That means heading to a mall or shopping online. Neither option is optimal.

  5. California eh? methinks these TOMS are going to stand in front of me and my cash register and ask for the restroom…? I’ll recognize you if you carry your drum set with you.

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