Bowlers Always Have Time to Spare !

Shhhhh, it’s a secret, but we’re friends so I’ll tell you – the Town of Bedford Fire Department has the coolest funnest bowling alley in the basement of the fire house. Talk about vintage. Oh my, it’s a total time warp to go down there. I feel like I should have a poodle skirt on, playing 45s on my portable pink hi-fi. Well, maybe I do and maybe I don’t. I’ll never tell.

The women and men of the fire department still play weekly, their own league, more of a social event than a contest of bowling skills but what a great place to gather and have a good time.

Only problem. No gutter cushions for those of us who are bowling challenged.

Photos from cell phone (not the best quality, sorry).

6 thoughts on “Bowlers Always Have Time to Spare !

  1. Can anyone in Town use the lanes? They are wonderful. I wonder if Brunswick knows or would like those photos. There can’t be too many old lanes like this around, still in use.

  2. Hi,
    How great for them to have their own bowling alley, that really is fantastic, and to find these lanes and get them installed etc, would not of been easy. Good on them. 🙂

    The photos look great.

  3. From the looks of one photo, guess smoking is allowed down there too. But if fireman smoke and there’s a fire, wellllllllll……………:-)

    Love the idea of an old-fashioned bowling alley. Have you been to Spins yet, the new lanes attached to Grand Prix NY, across from Staples?

    1. Have not been to Spins yet but will make an effort one night. I love to bowl. One of my growing up friends father owned a bowling alley and we had such fun in elementary school going there when it was closed. Bowling is such a great American pass-time. I was so sad when the old one here, where Calico Corners is now, closed. And that scary one in Armonk is gone too, where old pervert men hung out.

  4. Gotta love bowling! What other sport invites you to drink beer and smoke while participating?

    Maybe Brunswick will pick up on this post, like the Western (tractor? snow plow?) company picked up on your hat post the other year.

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