Does Anyone Still Eat Grapefruit?

I did, this morning, but it’s something I rarely buy anymore. The three I have are from a fruit basket sent to our house last week but I didn’t get around to slicing one open until today. I know people on statins can’t have grapefruit because it interferes with the medication which got me to wondering if sales are down because it seems half the world takes statins. Not I, as witness the number I did on one half already!

It was delicious, the ruby red variety, sweet enough to not need a sprinkle of sugar. I can remember as a child eating grapefruit at least three times a week, the best part was squeezing the half once the pips were gone for all the good juice. I believe we even used the special grapefruit spoon with the jagged edges but if I still have one, I can’t find it right now. I managed just fine with a regular spoon, thank you very much.

Now back to my regularly scheduled coffee, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal!

Just in: From Sound Beacher:
The Texas grapefruit from Pittman & Davis and the implements of destruction. The grapefruit spoons and the grapefruit knife.

MMmm, yummy, nothing added, just the delicious ruby red, with the proper tools you can get every bit of the citrus.

21 thoughts on “Does Anyone Still Eat Grapefruit?

  1. I still eat grapefruit. I got a box of them from my former boss in Texas. I have the grapefruit spoons and the grapefruit knife for slicing between the sections. I’ll send you a still life photo later.

  2. Somewhere deep in a kitchen drawer we have a grapefruit knife, unused for years, however. When I was a youngster (soon after grapefruit were discovered by the local Siwanoys), my mom used to often serve my brother and I grapefruit as a welcome component of breakfast. But as you observe, EOS, now days its consumption seems to have dwindled somewhat…certainly the case in the Cobra household. As a statin gobbler for many years, I definitely miss this fine fruit. Triggered by the artwork you’ve posted above, if one existed in the house right now, I’d search out that special knife and terminate the tasty globe with extreme prejudice…Lipitor be damned.

  3. Just had a great one in Florida. The best seem to go out of state to Costco.

    My cholesterol went from 240 to 140 by eating grapefruit in the winter and watermelon in the summer – every day.

    Here’s the simple secret that makes this a bigger story than Pepcid.

    The human body requires about 15% fat consumption as a portion of diet. But the USDA/bigAg/Big Pharma set the recommended levels at 35% – now down to 30%.

    And what do you think a lifetime of double-dripping hard animal fat, far less trans-fats, will do to ones circulatory system? Yes – drown it in waxy fat steroids, then kill you with congestive heart failure, cardiac arrest or stroke.

    You best solution – NOT statins.

    Eat 10% daily fat – NOT 30%- with grapefruit or watermelon daily.

    Within 3 days you will feel the difference.

    Within 3 weeks you will see the difference.

    Within 3 months you will preach the difference.

    Within 3 years, you will watch your friends die, and feel sad they didn’t get it.

    So the choice is yours.


      I have read about that theory other places but I bet there aren’t many (any) doctors who will advise it when the docs get a piece of the pharma pie. I don’t take statins so it’s a non-issue for me.

      Thanks for the Lesson of the Day!

  4. Hi,
    I haven’t had grapefruit for a long time, it is not always around here either. But had a fair bit of grapefruit in my younger days. 🙂

  5. urbane: i have the china study book myself and took my own bad cholesterol from 260 to 150; no need for statins. good links and excellent sharing your personal challenge. thanks.

  6. I hear you, Urbane, and have no doubt that “eating healthy” would likely cause my cholesterol to sink like a Bangladeshi ferry boat, but then I’d have to cut back on my multiple weekly visits to McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the discipline to adhere to a proper diet.

  7. Well there you go, Cobra. See Bill Clinton and David Letterman if you think you can eat “comfort food” any longer.

    My Doctor inspired me with the words, “Hunger is your friend – if you want to live.”

    I fibbed a little. I eat both the grapefruit and the watermellon right down to the rind – really.
    It’s the bio-flavinoids in the citrus and the white tough flesh in the mellon that does the good work.

    Say goodbye to McD, whitebread, butter, cheese (and animals for a year or two.) You will actually develop a craving for fruit. I now dream of pears. (But a cheeseburger at times – in my dreams.)

    BTW – Ray Kroc and Dave Thomas – RIP – then checked out too soon, but it was what they ate.

  8. Note to grapefruit eaters (SB & EOS). Turn the fruit upside down, slice off the navel to the depth of the flesh. Spiral slice the yellow rind and peel leaving all the white bioflavinoids on.
    Consume it all in sections by hand, less the seedless seeds.

  9. I love grapefruit, but am just too lazy to eat it. How sad is that? I remember my mother having a grapefruit knife when I was a child, and being fascinated with it. I agree – when I do bring myself to do the “work” – the best part is squeezing every last bit of juice into the spoon. Come to think of it, I don’t know why I consider it work. Getting lost in the process of eating a grapefruit can – probably – actually be quite relaxing.

    1. AA: I find most grapefruit in my stores here in the “eh” category so I think that’s what stops me from buying it more regularly. And when I get a giant fruit basket, I never eat them all and end up giving a few away.

      But after reading all the Urbane has to say about the real benefits of eating it lock, stock, and barrel, I may rethink giving any away.

  10. * I wasn’t aware that grapefruit had fallen out of favor.
    * I didn’t know that eating a grapefruit a day was a painless, easy way to lower cholesterol
    * I do know that the Texas red grapefruits are delicious
    * ha ha I have seen them at Costco
    * I like to eat a grapefruit by peeling it and eating the segments – perhaps because I don’t have the fancy knife.
    * I wish I had one in the fridge for my breakfast

  11. EOS- You saved yourself the grapefruit air freshener. Did you follow the cutting technique? Skin down on the plate. Pull the sections up.

    All – It’s not what you eat – the thing that makes this work is what you don’t eat. The grapefruit makes up the difference.

    There is a ton of marketing on secret fat-burning food. Simple answer – food without fat makes your body scavenge fat out of your system. Simple math = 15% required – 10% supplied – auto-burn = 5% of consumption.

  12. Sound Beacher, I have been a Pittman & Davis grapefruit fan for years! I think they’re worth paying up for, and since grapefruit doesn’t go rotten quickly you can order up a bunch and keep them around for weeks.

    A few years back I temporarily lost the grapefruit knife I’d had for 2+ decades. I thought the replacement I bought would be an improvement, what with its hefty ergonomic handle and serious-looking serrations, but … WRONG. The blade itself was just too thick, so it mashed up the sections as much as it cut them, and left a lot of waste. I was so grateful when the cheap skinny old beat-up one turned up in the bottom of the dishwasher.

    FYI, the odd bend in a grapefruit knife makes it a great tool to use when you’re mucking out the insides of a pumpkin to create a jack-o-lantern and are having trouble with some of the tight curves.

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