Second to Last EOS-Friday… #43

Yes, it’s true, I’m only going to do one more EOS-Friday, on December 30 (if anyone is even around). Then, it’s time to call this gig done. The photos have been incredible over the year span, and I’m happily surprised that it went on so long with such amazing variety. My thanks to each and every one of you.

Let’s start out with Sound Beacher this week:
For the Christmas theme
This is what I think as a cool Christmas wreath. It’s retro but stylish, I bought it a few years ago but like to hang it over the fireplace. It’s too fragile to go on the door to the house.

The tree at Rockefeller center. I think this year’s tree looks shorter and very wide, a break from the magnificent ones.

The skaters at Rockefeller center; I had to throw that in for the people who don’t get to see it.

From Cos Harbour
Antidote to the Elijah Miller house

After your visit and reporting on the deplorable Elijah Miller house in North White Plains, I was motivated to visit this George Washington Revolutionary War home in Ghent, New York. General Henry Knox, a bookseller turned ballistic, this country’s first Secretary of War under George Washington, spent some time here.

Even though George Washington never stayed here it was most definitely worth a trespassing look!

A Folly of outbuildings

From Urbane Forester:
On the Gulf Coast in Indian Rocks Beach, Pinellas County, Florida (Location: Right palm face-up – Location in Florida is your thumb knuckle protruding west into the Gulf of Mexico)

Gulf-Coast-Living: Well, Living for the 1%, the other 99% are nearly homeless around Phillies ballpark in Clearwater.

IRB-dunes: What develops for coastal protection dunes when a community accepts federal funds for beach replenishment sands (from Tampa Bay dredge spoils)

Belleair-beach: What happens to coastal hazards if sand replenishment is rejected. (Natural beach building storms have restored the sand you see. Earlier storms eroded the beaches all the way to the seawalls of the homes.)

25 thoughts on “Second to Last EOS-Friday… #43

  1. What a shame, although I bet orchestrating this every Friday for us isn’t a piece of cake. I always wished more people would submit – not that the regulars don’t always have fabulous photos, and not that I walked the walk, but it would have been fun to see around the world more.

    Do you have something else in mind to replace the Fridays?

    1. Thanks Catherine. Creating the Friday’s was time-consuming but always fascinating to see what people sent in. Each week took about an hour to create, from downloading the photos sent in to my computer from their email, then uploading them to WordPress, re-sizing them and being fair about who goes first and writing the copy.

      I do not have a Plan B yet. Any ideas?

  2. Stupid me: I went on and on without saying how much I love this weeks photos.

    SB: that wreath is gorgeous, so 1960s and looks perfect on your brick wall.

    CosHarbour: Fabulous trespassing! The steps have such a patina and wear that brings you right back to the period. And the windows and door, beautiful.

    Urbane: That’s downright cruel to give us North-easterners shots of warm Florida. Boo. Hiss. But very pretty, your neck of the woods.

  3. cos: the photos of the house in ghent are terrific. i have family in chatham ny so i know ghent pretty well, route 66! lots of historic barns in columbia county. thanks for trespassing for us.

  4. Urbane: is there any truth to the rumor that the homeless numbers in and around Clearwater are so high because the Church of Scientology has bought up so much of downtown and pushed out locals?

  5. My mother lived here from 1974 until she died at age 94 two years ago.

    She had been very active with the St Vincent de Paul homeless shelter – now part of, and as a trained psychologist, communicated often with the police in such matters. Even until age 90 she worked at the “Behavioral Science” unit at Morton Plant Hospital a few blocks south of Scientology HQ.

    There are long-standing issues with Scientology and its presence in Clearwater. And now I know what my last EOSf will be about. But causing the local homeless problem is not one of them, from my experience here.

    Jesus said, “You will always have the poor with you.”

  6. Peter- Thank you and all readers for appreciation of contributed photos.

    I’ve been bummed out all day about the end of EOSf. I blame the paucity of viewers, but Mrs. EOS (that’s a back formation from Mr. EOS) used the word “stale” about the effort. “Tiresome or thank-less” I can understand, but I applaud her endurance and sacrifice to bring our work to permanent light, and in high quality hard-copy no less. (Hint: Order now while they last.)

    IRB is Indian Rocks Beach. The middle photo was cell phone- Droid-X.

  7. UF: I might say paucity of commenters and photo submitters. I have quite a large readership, not blogger Chris Fountain large, but really good for little old me. I guess I have more lurkers than willing participants.

  8. Well I am hardly in position to criticize your photo submitters. And only you know the lurker stats, EOS.

    Nevertheless, a big, big thank you for taking on the considerable work and expense behind this project.

    1. I am open to suggestions, IDAHO. Maybe I’ll mix it up and let people submit as they choose, any day. I’m still contemplating my options. Once a month is too few. Once a week is too many.

      PS: Your calendar is on its way. So too the others you ordered. Thanks so much.

  9. Hi EOS,
    Gosh now I feel very lucky that I’ve been able to enjoy a few months of the Friday photos. I think it’s a great idea and I love the mix you include every week.

    I appreciate that Sound Beacher included a photo of the tree and skaters at Rockerfeller Center.

    Thanks to Cos Harbour for trespassing for us. What are the two lonely outbuildings?

    Urbane I once took a boat tour around Miami that took us past those amazing homes. I was interested to learn that the beach sand has to be constantly replaced

  10. I’m curious about people who are interested enough in a blog to follow it regularly, yet who never give in to the urge to comment.

    Folks, it’s a lot of fun to see your thoughts in print this way! It’s even more fun when your comment launches a conversation that expands on the author’s original post and pulls in more and more commenters, and things really get rolling.

    So don’t be shy. Clearly, this is NOT one of those blogs where things get nasty. Also, FYI, I have followed several WordPress-based blogs for over a year and have never had my email address exploited.

    1. Betty: It’s strange the ratio of lookers to commenters here but because I am not political, not controversial, not nasty (except when I am talking about my property taxes!), I guess I fall into the category of “nice guys finish last.” I follow a ton of blogs, and many of you here are my friends at Chris Fountain’s For What Its Worth, but I bet if we asked Chris when he comes back from hunting deer, his ratio of lookers to commenters is sky high. He, like I, has a core group of commenters (granted a 1000 times higher than mine) but a core group none the less. But his overall readership is maybe 40 or 50 times greater. So I think people lurk in alot of blogs. I know for a fact one of my best friends reads this blog every day, wouldn’t miss it for the world, but has never commented. It’s just not in her nature, she said. I think that’s pretty common.

      BTW, you don’t need to leave your email address on my blog. WordPress allows blog hosts the option of requiring it or not from commenters. I do not. But I’m glad to hear WP has never compromised your email address. I take that stuff very seriously.

  11. EOS, Please Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away!

    They give us those nice bright colors
    They give us the greens of summers
    Makes you think all the world’s
    a sunny day
    I got a Nikon camera
    I love to take a photograph
    So mama don’t take my Kodachrome away

    Sincere thanks for posting my dinky shots and, hopefully now all you “lurkers” will come alive, and start to submit or comment? EOS Friday has encouraged me to no end…’s an especially forgiving format. (All you have to do is properly name/label your images).

    Sound Beacher: Your exquisite shot of sand on the beach mushroom (posted weeks ago) is my favorite. I often look and marvel at it!

    Earth Image: Always provocative and informative!

    Urban Forester: Glad ya got a new camera.

    And of course our hostess/blogtress is the best of all, tirelessly and thanklessly (and also unthanklessly, which is not an actual word) toiling away. You absolutely deserve a break.

    Most everyone is kinda busy with holidays, yet I feel both sorry and totally bummed out right now….can I live w/out EOS Friday? I already survived the FWIW hiatus!

    Meanwhile I will endeavor to submit some shots for next week. L’EOS Friday Finale? Oy!

    And Merry Christmas to all!

    (Please conjure up your favorite Dwight D. Eisenhower ‘quote’ here)

    “Things have never been more like the way they are today in history.”


    1. Cos: I’m blushing. I’m very flattered as well. I didn’t realize people looked forward to the Friday’s so much. I thought readers might be getting bored, not with the photos mind you, but with the concept. I’ve even asked friends to be shills, to submit photos, but to no avail. I’m not sure why people get shy about sending in a photo but I am thankful YOU started to do so. And I’m always always always appreciative of Sound Beacher, Earth Image, and Urbane Forester’s efforts. If not for all you, I’d have photos of the darn dawg every Friday! 🙂

  12. To EOS-

    Deepest gratitude to you for a year of service as our patient host and hard-working editor (to say nothing of occasional Den mother at FWIW.)

    Alternate plan B – Earth Image Friday.

    If you are on hiatus in Brazil in either the literal or figurative sense, it would be my pleasure to post the latest and greatest from your readers and contributors.

    One constant source of inspiration about the passing scene of life on Earth is the shimmering change of appearance of our beautiful planet. A few years back I found myself on the outside circuit of Greenwich Point, when a young lady exclaimed loudly what I was thinking at the same moment: “Wow! This place is different every time you see it.”

    It was then that I committed to a weekly photo diary. Sound Beach does most of the heavy lifting in that category now. After the last EOS-Friday of 2011, I will post details at

    1. EarthImage. That’s a wonderful offer, your Plan B.

      I still am trying to figure out my own Plan B, what I could do on the blog that would be interesting, maybe a little different. My mind has drown a blank (no comments from the peanut gallery here!!!)

  13. I too look forward to the EOS-Friday posts and will miss them when they’re gone. One thing I’ve noticed is that some weeks there are so many photos submitted that it becomes a bit overwhelming and all I can manage to comment is “Wow, thanks guys” which is kind of lame…

    Perhaps if the posts were broken up into smaller bites it would encourage more commenters to comment?

    Another thing could be holding back more submitters and there isn’t much you can do about it: some people really hate giving up their anonymity by revealing their email/name/address for things like EOS-Friday or even buying a calendar. I’ve been on the internet since ’93 and given up huges amounts of my personal information but as I’ve grown older I’ve gotten more and more reluctant to do so. It’s not that I don’t trust you (honest) it’s that I worry more about applications being hacked at some point in the future. I know you understand these things as I recall you’ve mentioned being leery of Facebook and shopping on Amazon but only buying items that Amazon sells directly.

    Heck, I’m so private these days that when given an option to post anonymously, I’ll do it. If I’m required to pick a user ID, I make sure it’s not one I use anywhere else on the web.

    Well, that’s my long winded and not very helpful two cents. 😆

    1. Anon: Mr. EOS and I have talked about that very point many times: how many pix make a good post? I’m of the mind that if someone takes the time to send me nine photos, I’ll post all nine, even though each and every person submitting always says to me “edit and delete at will.” I know there are times I post too many for my own threads.

      Since I haven’t decided what will replace EOS-Friday, when all the suggestions and two-cents are in from my peanut gallery, maybe it will morph into something that works for everyone. Me and you all.

      As for the privacy: I tried very hard to only use PayPal for the calendar for that reason. I don’t see anyone’s information; I only get a receipt/invoice of the purchase and where it is to be shipped. Doesn’t mean PayPal can’t be hacked but I say chances are slim to none for that.

      As I said in an earlier comment: you can leave all fields blank when commenting and WordPress will default your words as Anonymous. I ask nothing of my readers because I understand and respect those who wish to remain anonymous.

  14. Yikes, these are the kinds of things I worry about concerning privacy on the internet. 😆 I left your blog and went directly to another blog and this article was linked in their top post.

    A new wave of startups is working on algorithms gathering data for banks from the web of associations on the internet known as “the social graph,” in which people are “nodes” connected to each other by “edges.” Banks are already using social media to befriend their customers, and increasingly, their customers’ friends. The specifics are still shaking out, but the gist is that eventually, social media will account for at least the tippy-top of the mountain of data banks keep on their customers.

  15. @EOS, Oh gosh, I didn’t mean for my earlier posts to come across as critical or that I’d like to see you edit/delete the submissions but (hoping this comes out better than my last attempt) that, for instance, this week’s EOS-Friday posts could have been broken into 3 parts (EOS-F: Christmas, EOS-F: Historic home, and EOS-F: beachy theme) or something like that. You’re the pro, not me. 🙂 It would make it easier to digest and comment on the various themes. Ah, I give up, I’m not articulate and I’m guessing that I just muddled things even more.

    Whatever you decide to do, I’ll be here to read it for as long as you continue to post. Thanks to all and Happy Holidays in whatever way everyone chooses to celebrate them. 😀

    -ADD Anon

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