EOS-Friday #42

Every Friday I post photos submitted by my readers. Earth Ocean Sky-Friday (or EOS-Friday for short) gives you an opportunity to have others see your work on my platform and we all get a chance to see a greater part of the world than I can offer from New York and Rhode Island. Click the link on the home page, EOS-Friday – The Rules for all the nuts and bolts, and Enter On!

[NOTE: For some unknown reason, Cos Harbour’s photos look out of focus when resized here. The originals are not so please click on each of his pictures to see them full size to appreciate their beauty.]

From Cos Harbour:
Up The East River
This series of photos is from my attempt (hint, attempt) of a stormy transit to sail from Jersey City to Block Island, Rhode Island (the journey wasn’t actually accomplished until the next weekend!). The East River is not for the faint of heart, yet highly photogenic. My favorite photo is of the dinghy labeled “Rip off”. Perhaps it’s the tender to “Riptide”???

Starting out..
Yacht Club bateaux
Check out the tender named Rip-Off!
Yacht club binoculars
Über posh NYC co-op, The River House
Tug Kathleen heading under the Brooklyn Bridge
The Pepsi Sign
DEP ship heading up the East River
Brooklyn Bridge
Tug Kathleen
Ruins of the mental hospital off East River

From EarthImage:
The New York City Parks Department has a number of restoration projects in progress. This week I visited a footbridge project on the backside of Orchard Beach, Turtle Cove (#6 on the list in the link). Turtle Cove is near Pelham Beach in the Bronx.

The valuable spartina grass in the foreground plantings (fenced) requires daily salt inundation, but due to culvert restrictions, the daily tide is less than two feet, compared to 8 ft in open water.

Rainwater collection floats on top of the salt water, and limits the conditions necessary for good salt marsh development.

Solution: Replace the small culvert of 48 inches with a large box culvert about 8 x 4 ft. to increase tidal action in Turtle Cove

Turtle Cove
Foot Bridge
Wetlands Restoration

From Sound Beacher
[Ed. Note: Sound Beacher alerted me to the fact that one year has passed since his/her first submission!!]
Sound Beacher adds: I can recall this because the first photo I sent was of the luminaries at Binney Park in 2010. Fast forward to last weekend’s event, Luminaries 2011. I’ve also included some other holiday lightings and the Stamford, CT Boat Parade.

The Luminaries, 2011

Stamford had a holiday boat parade
There were fishing boats

And motor boats

They’ve got it all going on; a tree, a santa, a snowman, reindeer, a star, a light house and lots of lights

The parade is docked

6 thoughts on “EOS-Friday #42

  1. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, and of course for this time of year you just have to love the Xmas lights.
    But I couldn’t help but laugh at the binoculars, they look like some evil type of robot. 😆

  2. Wonderful photos, thanks to all of you for sharing with the rest of us. 😀

    Happy “anniversary” SBer

    1. Aren’t I so lucky that readers keep sending photos? I agree with you Anonymous, thanks to them for sharing!!

      As I have laughed about many times before here, I’m no math major, so I’m trying to figure how EOS-Friday #42 equals one year. New math?

  3. Upon closer inspection, the binox are stamped MADE IN RUSSIA, on the left side.
    For the record, The first shot is in Jersey City, and the later Club shots are in Westchester. The East River shots should actually be in the middle, for actual chronology.
    Seems like boating theme this week thanks to SB!

    1. CH: Duly noted. Thanks for the correction.

      I’m going to have SB start a class in How to Submit Photos for EOS-Friday. SB numbers her photos, writes her own captions, and tells me in what order she’d like them to run. Talk about perfection!!!

      Just saying………………:-)

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