EOS-Friday #41

Every Friday I post photos submitted by my readers. Earth Ocean Sky-Friday (or EOS-Friday for short) gives you an opportunity to have others see your work on my platform and we all get a chance to see a greater part of the world than I can offer from New York and Rhode Island. Click the link on the home page, EOS-Friday – The Rules for all the nuts and bolts, and Enter On!

From Urbane Forester

Inspired by Sound Beacher and EOS I broke down and bought a camera. You’ve had only my cell phone photos until now. Here’s Mr. Crock and friends on a sub-$200 Lumix ZS8.

At Staples – that was easy!

From CosHarbour
East River Bridges

Lahore, Pakistan
By far the most fascinating and historical place I’ve ever had the privilege to visit for my work.

Lahore Fort Mosque (Samadhi Ranjit Singh)

Lahore Fort Steps

Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort signage

From Sound Beacher
Things that surprised me on my walk. Upon Closer inspection…

What has washed up?

A spider crab about a foot off the ground still intact, but all dried out

A fungi among i

Sand on a mushroom

There were three people on the beach this day, all searching for treasure, I suppose.

This is what the equipment looks like. I would really like to see the treasure.

I have walked past this about 1,000 times. I know EarthImage has referred to it in past posts – a surveyor mark for Greenwich Point. I never saw it till this day.

11 thoughts on “EOS-Friday #41

  1. Great work SB as usual. The survey discs at Greenwich point have been mentioned in this space previously on Friday #22, but not in a calendar worthy way. The discs are reference marks to the large boulder on top of the hill. Arrows point the way. That was the site of a tower erected on the bluff for the purpose of turning precise angles at the corners of a network of triangles reaching across Long Island Sound.

  2. Another wonderful week of photos. I am particularly enamored of the Lahore shots, and CH is so right about that city being one of the most historical. I had the opportunity to visit there myself in 1995 with then First Lady Hilary Clinton. Images I will not ever forget. Thanks for bringing it back to light, CH.

    EarthImage: How did you settle on the Lumix? I know that’s what EOS uses.

  3. the detail of SB’s ‘upon closer inspection’ is a clever idea, not to mention great photos.

    cosharbour; i’ll take your job if it gets you to such great cities. if you need an attaché, i’m your man.

  4. Hi,
    Very interesting photos this week, they are all very nice photos, no photos of any treasure found, which is a bit disappointing. 😀

  5. Another fantastic week of photos, thank you all! EI, congrats on the new camera, that croc is pretty scary when the photo is enlarged!

  6. Great photos once again but the pix of Lahore tugged at my heart (even with the snowflakes). Thanks for photographing the sign – I read the whole history of the Fort.
    One of these days I’ll get to India and Pakistan!!!

    1. Rosie: One of my nieces is going to Lahore in March for a four-day wedding of a friend. I would go in a heartbeat. I too read the whole sign and found it so fascinating. UNESCO has some incredible sites to preserve. The last one we were at was Angkor Wat.

  7. EOS-
    Your niece will likely wind up at a wedding party at the Pearl Continental Hotel. I stayed there during my two trips to Lahore and witnessed several colorful and lavish weddings.
    Often six going at the same time. The women and men guests dressed in the bright shades of the spectrum. The brides and grooms are way over the top.
    The hotel has eight completely different restaurants; Thai, Chinese, Pakistani, Vietnamese, and even a Steakhouse. The accommodations are gracious. Staff are all fascinated by American guests since so few of us go there these days. Oh, there are rug/carpet stores in the arcade where I purchased two stunning silk pieces, and lugged home thru an unscheduled trip to northern Italy. They have a way of wrapping/sowing them into compact burlap portable packs.
    If she would like, I have two books about Pakistan by Pakistanis that I purchased there and are more comprehensive than any Insight/Insider tomb, and I’d be happy to loan them out.

    1. CH: thanks for the offer of the books. My niece has been to Pakistan before – her first cousin, my brother-in-law’s sister’s daughter lived in Islamabad for many years. I just don’t remember if she made it to Lahore. I will text her today to ask if she knows where the wedding is.

      Lugging silk pieces is worth ANY effort. Pakistan is on our travel bucket list. Oman too.

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