EOS-Friday #40, the Sunday Edition

Thanks for allowing me to postpone EOS-Friday until today. It gave us a much-needed chance to take a break from computing/blogging to concentrate on family. Aaaah.

Every Friday I post photos submitted by my readers. Earth Ocean Sky-Friday (or EOS-Friday for short) gives you an opportunity to have others see your work on my platform and we all get a chance to see a greater part of the world than I can offer from New York and Rhode Island. Click the link on the home page, EOS-Friday – The Rules for all the nuts and bolts, and Enter On!

From Reader IDAHO
Idaho polling place. I don’t think there are too many 1%ers vote here!

First Snow…Poor little John Deere got left out…..OOPS!

From EarthImage
How Not to Dredge a Pond
Dredging Note 101.
Lesson: Check downstream slopes before pumping. This pond backfills in rainfall from downstream wetlands.

This local dredging project was approved by the Wetlands Agency (based on a design by a former Agency Member). There were two fatal flaws which we advised on, when asked by the contractor to review the project.

1) The dredge volume specified 80 cubic yards. But the dredge proposed is 1/3 acre by 3 ft average depth = 1 acre ft or 1613 cubic yards.

2) The de-watering plan was pumping to a downstream wetland at the same elevation as the pond. (Water flows downhill in either direction.)

Conclusion: Recipe for disaster.

There are two large excavators in the photo. One is under water.

From CosHarbour
Columbia County, New York
Rather green for this time of year!

From Urbane Forester
Rodney King to Animal Kingdom: Can’t we all get along.
Angels to Mankind: Let there be Peace on Earth

From Sound Beacher
The Color of Autumn in my Yard
Leaves are falling

End of the zinnias

The marigolds are still going strong

The last lingering rose

The hydrangea looks good in its fall colors –so different from the beautiful blue blooms of June.

From Regular Little Rock Reader
Death, taxes…..and Canada Geese?

So, here we are on the Little Red River in Cleburne County, Arkansas. If you came here to fish, would you ever expect that you might land a fly in one of these fat fannies? Me neither. Surprise!

13 thoughts on “EOS-Friday #40, the Sunday Edition

  1. So the obvious question to Regular Little Rock Reader, did you catch any fish? If yes, what kind? Looks wonderful there. My hubby is an avid fly fisherman and when he saw this, he said, let’s go to Arkansas. No offense, but I said, really? 🙂

    SB: Your garden always amazes – so many varieties, so colorful. You obviously have a very green thumb.

    IDAHO: Jealous of all your snow, but I suppose that’s because I only come to ski in it, not have to shovel and plow it so early in t4he season. Are the slopes around you open?

    EarthImage: Who paid the price (or lost a job) for those miscalculations? Pretty serious stuff. Great story.

  2. Seems to me, anyone with class enough to own a white Dodge truck MUST be a 1%er. IDAHO, your neck of the woods is pretty darn special, and that’s saying something, coming from a Montanan.

  3. EarthImage: Great picture, “Stuff Happens”

    Catherine: Most of the snow has melted as it has warmed up at our elev, 2300′ but Schweitzer Mountain, just over the hill East of us has 65″ at 6090 elev and has 17 trails groomed. EOS has skied there she tells me..

    4 ft of snow in a winter is not that uncommon where we live!

  4. Montanan: Not my Dodge! Other two belong to neighbors making a few bucks at the polling place. Total votes cast here on a library levy (the only thing on the ballot) 14 for, 25 against. Levy was defeated for the third time. Wound up with about 53% yes but needed two-thirds, kinda sad…

    Yes our area is special. Let’s not let too many Californians know about it! Grandparents homesteaded here in the 1890’s but I wound up growing up in Greenwich CT. That’s a whole other story…

  5. Catherine — even this inept beginner catches a fish once in a while. Mr. Reader catches them all the time. There are rainbow trout, which are stocked, and brown trout, which are not. (P.S., no offense taken.)

    EarthImage — Whoa, every homeowner’s nightmare.

  6. IDAHO: Californian’s ruin Montana too, and Washington State. Seattle for a while was overrun with LA-types, then they all moved to Wyoming and Montana. I ought to know: I did the same. I grew up in San Fran, traveled alot after I lost my job of 33 years, and threw a dart in Montana. Can’t think of a time I’ve been happier.

  7. CosHarbour doesn’t seem to respond to our questions from weeks past re his photos but I’ll try again:

    Those ATV tracks I spy in your Columbia County green acres? Been hunting? Columbia is such a great part of New York. We used to ski up there as a kid. And my dad did alot of his hunting there too.

  8. Love them all, but this caption had me laughing out loud: “Rodney King to Animal Kingdom: Can’t we all get along. Angels to Mankind: Let there be Peace on Earth.”

    The last lingering rose has left a lasting impression!

  9. To anon-
    That landscape is part of an 1800 acre working dairy farm. They have all sorts of tractors and field implements. It is fascinating during late summer when the hay in all those fields is harvested and made into the round bales you can see on the hill. I have not hunted there but every winter I hope for endless snowfalls for cross country skiing out the backdoor. Sorry I was unresponsive to previous question! Promise to do better…

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