EOS-Friday #39

Every Friday I post photos submitted by my readers. Earth Ocean Sky-Friday (or EOS-Friday for short) gives you an opportunity to have others see your work on my platform and we all get a chance to see a greater part of the world than I can offer from New York and Rhode Island. Click the link on the home page, EOS-Friday, The Rules for all the nuts and bolts, and Enter On!

From Urbane Forester:

Sea oats in the autumn season hold a beauty all their own.

From Sound Beacher
After viewing last week’s EOS-Friday and to dovetail on some of the same places CosHarbour and Earth Image photographed, I’ve added shots that are a little different. Also, with Occupy Wall Street, it is timely.

A group of us went into NYC for the day.  We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, which I had never done.  This summer I did bike ride a quarter of the way.  Our destination was the 9/11 memorial, but we did do a walk by of Zuccotti Park.

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  The view is always amazing.

Saw the sights of the New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry.

We walked by Zuccotti Park, where the Occupy Wall Street protesters were encamped (this was last week).  The first thing you notice is the noise.  If you look at the middle of the picture there are a 1/2 dozen drummers just keeping a constant beat.  (kind of like your gravatar photo, EOS)  The second thing is the smell.  It was really stinky, there were bags of garbage at the curb.  The street before the park is filled with police vehicles and equipment.  That was last week, don’t know about today.

The 9/11 Memorial –  The largest man-made waterfall in North America.  Each is built in the foot print of the fallen twin towers.

The living tree.  The memorial sight is planted with over 400 white oak trees, but this is the only different tree, it was a survivor from 9/11.  It was moved to a nursery in the Bronx and just replanted at the site this fall.  As I was waiting to take the picture, I watched a man pluck 3 leaves from the tree….

One World Trade Center, formerly called the Freedom Tower, will be the first completed building at the rebuilt site.  Expected completion is 2014, it is 1,776 feet tall (just got that significance) it will have 2.6 million square feet of office space and will have an observation deck on top.  Total cost $3.1 Billion dollars.

The 9/11 Memorial.   This is the actual museum building, it is not open yet.

From CosHarbour
Empire State Building

Bryant Park Ice

Antidote to Katonah Painted Ladies
Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois
What a great place this is….I was lucky to visit. Since it’s on a flood plain, it’s since been wrecked once again. It’s a storied structure. Best quote from Mies: “The client thought the architect came with the house.”

Great sky in Kansas City, Missouri
It’s a wonderful place to visit….

Lighthouse North of Dublin, Ireland
Hoath is very close to Dublin. Lots of sailing there. One of my favorite places I went  on a break while working in Dublin.

Sound Beacher Redux:
We’ve been having such great weather here in southern New England this Fall. It has seemed like summer on some days, even after our pre-Halloween snow storm. Last Saturday the wind was strong, the weather mild, and the kite boarders and windsurfers were enjoying it all.

There were kite boarders and across the harbor a sailboat and of course the seagulls are taking in all the action.

A windsurfer flying and a sea gull flying too.

It is looking like a traffic jam on the water, a bird, a windsurfer, 2 kite boarders all catching the breeze on a beautiful late autumn afternoon.

24 thoughts on “EOS-Friday #39

  1. Wow everyone, great photos.
    Cos, love the overhead of Bryant Park and Farnsworth House.
    Urbane Forester, spectacular detail.
    And Sound Beacher has yet to take a clunker of a photo.

    EOS, your nod to SB as SB Redux was funny. Hint that he/she could take over the blog or have one of their own?

  2. I’m surprised Farnsworth House hasn’t opted to move the house back from the Fox River and CosHarbour is right that it gets flooded often.

    I was there in April when all the daffodils were out.

  3. I wish I could have sympathy for the protesters at Zuccotti Park or that they actually had a plan or a goal. From what I see, they are intent on making a mess, ruining the livelihoods of the hard-working store owners around the park and yesterday, causing such congestion downtown that many people went home and worked from there.

    I’m all for freedom of speech and historically speaking protesting is proven as successful, but this OWS stuff gets under my skin. Why should my city taxes pay for the sanitation workers to clean the park? Pardon the rant.

    1. You aren’t alone 1%er. The press has asked protesters what their end goal is and as far as I can tell, it’s people asking for all things free. I venture to say OWS has become a venue for anyone to complain about anything. I wish they were more organized, more focused, and would publish a goal. Until that happens, I remain someone who is not a fan.

  4. http://bryantpark.org/things-to-do/pond.html
    CosHarbour: I really like your bryant park skating rink pic. What a great photo perspective. I was there for the opening of the rink on Oct.28th. I just happened to be walking by. They had a skating show – singers from different Broadway shows, a school drum corp, olympic skaters, a skate precision team. It was such a New York moment to have stumbled upon. It is free public skating if you bring your own skates, see the link to learn more.

  5. touching comment from SB about the man picking three leaves from the living tree. maybe someone will video the 9/11 waterfall that you could post here. the sound must be very soothing.

    good week everyone.

  6. Never having been to NYC, I’m loving the Friday pictures that highlight so much of the city. I’d be afraid to come now, what with the protesters.

  7. austin: Here is a you tube of the “absence memorial”. The waterfalls aren’t exactly soothing; the area is surrounded on all sides by ongong construction, so that is more the dominant noise you hear.

  8. sb: much louder than I would have expected. not the construction noise in the background but the water itself. thanks for the video. we’ll be in the city for thanksgiving and will make a point of seeing it firsthand.

    did anyone see charlie rose last night – the whole show as about the highline and i know sb and others have posted photos from the highline here. check it out online if you can. very interesting.

  9. I never pick a bad day to pop back in.

    To Urbane: the detail of your photo makes me want to sing “amber waves of grain”. Great.

    To SB: terrific NYC perspective, OWS and all. Before I moved to Greenwich, I lived right across from ZP. So glad I moved. I can’t imagine being a resident and having to deal with all that.

    To commenter 1%er: my take is that the protesters feel ANY cause that aims at the 1% is fair game. I wish they had a point too.

    To CosHarbour. I’d like your job, whatever it is, that takes you to Ireland and Illinois and Kansas City. Love all your aerial points of view. Are you SpiderMan??

  10. Hi,
    What a fantastic variety of photos, they are all great.
    I think when the memorial is totally finished it will look really nice, it was great that they were able to save the tree.

  11. Great pictures.
    Thanks to Sound Beacher:
    * I now understand the waterfalls at the 9/11 memorial. What I don’t understand is the empty hollow in the middle. What does that symbolize?

    * I didn’t know that one tree survived. The line “we watched a man pluck 3 leaves from the tree….” tells so much. Yes the waterfalls are amazing, but the tree is the one thing still living from that day. Will it ever be able to keep it’s leaves?

    * Interesting to know that Zuccotti Park stinks. Not surprising.

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