EOS-Friday #37

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From Reader William
Chicago LSD

From Reader CosHarbour
The Chrysler Building, New York City

From Reader Sound Beacher
Although it was a rainy dreary day, time is running out on the last large working boatyard in the northeast — Brewer’s Yacht Haven West. We had to go walk around, take a last look, before it closes in 4 days. Talk about your end of an era… It is just shocking to us.

When looking up the name of a boat I took a picture of I found a whole thread about this “Valor” and how it was going to be repaired after storm damage. I feel compelled to contact these bloggers from 2007 and give them the sad news. They cut her open to pullout the diesel engine. She is the only ship in the yard as of October 27.

Not many places have rigging to haul the big boats – Brewer’s Yacht Haven West, Southend of Stamford, CT

All the many storage spaces with hookups are empty

Even the snack bar is a shell of its former self

Spooky with all the docks empty

Here is the Valor. They were taking the engine out of this old boat. Then I looked it up and found all sorts of interesting history. The Valor is gone.

One of the original buildings

Photo Response to Sound Beacher from EarthImage:
See his comment in the Comments Section below

From Readers Tom and Diana
Life is Good on Lake Lure, North Carolina. Tell the Grandkids we’re just fine!

21 thoughts on “EOS-Friday #37

  1. Sound Beacher:

    Thanks for the Yacht Yard closing story and a bit of history. I’m posting two photos as a bit of an addendum to your story:

    My first sailboat in life was a wooden Stoutfellow (#4) build at this historic yard about my birth year of 1947. (Photo of my Dad sailing it attached – and me sailing about age 14.)

    More history is available at City Hall and maybe from Scott Franz’s family which owned it before Jack Brewer. Let’s do more with this while we still can. History is going down here.

  2. What can one realistically do to keep Brewer’s Yacht Yard from meeting the wrecking ball? I live in Greenwich would like to help. This is tragic.

  3. Why is Brewer closing the Stamford yard? And is the ultimate fate of Valor known? She would make a nicer accessory dwelling than what I am proposing to build. My neighbors – not to mention Mrs. EOS – likely wouldn’t share that view tho…

  4. What is going to replace the boatyard? Condos?

    Mr EOS, with the welder you can build your own boat!!!!

    Or the Tatoosh is for sale!!

  5. Beautiful old boat, the Valor. What a CRIME it’s sitting to rot. Is it for sale anywhere?

    Odd that Brewer’s website link you provided makes NO mention of being closed.

  6. @Justine, according the that Yacht Forums link (3rd page) it was recently sold to be parted out because it’s beyond restoration now. Another victim of the bad economy? 😦

    1. For the heck of it, I Tweeted Vince Vaughn (one of the stars of the movie Wedding Crashers) and sent him a link to the post and inserted a foto of the “boat”. He, Vince, was the only star to have a real Twitter account. Sheesh.

  7. Wow, another great EOS Friday with so many wonderful photos that I can’t even arrange my thoughts well enough to comment on any of them except to say thanks to everyone who contributed!

  8. JimP: Yes, that was last week. I flew into ORD at the peak of the wind and rain. Love Chicago. It’s truly That Toddlin’ Town.

  9. Hey Tom and Diana on Lake Lure, North Carolina, you haven’t just told the Grandkids that you’re just fine, you’ve told the rest of us what a perfect spot you’ve found. May I come over and sit on the empty red deck chair with y’all…? I’m house trained and good at conversing with strangers …

  10. Anon: Holds over 450,000 liters so that would mean over half a million bucks! Octopus is bigger.

    Off Topic a little trivia for you: I spent part of the summer of 56 at a USFS fire lookout named TATOOSH just south of Mt Rainier, I have pictures I’ll have to try and find them. Tatoosh is Indian for: “Squaw’s breast”!!

  11. Lake Lure is one of the great secrets. The best part is that it is remote, The worst part is tha it is remote. With the new charter school and the new state park, The secret will end soon.

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