Chow(der) Time!!

Good thing one of us has time to blog….Mr. EOS saved my blogging butt today by sending me, text and all, a yummy entry. I have the feeling “save some for me” will fall to deaf ears.

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Sacrilege in this Rhode Island family is a summer without a batch of Aunt Blanche’s fish chowder. With our potatoes harvested and several freshly caught tautog in the fridge, today is the day, with only the milk, salt pork, and onions needed at the market. It’s a simple chowder really, but the real ingredients are not so obvious: my grandmother’s kettle, her wooden handled fork for testing the potatoes for proper mouth feel, and my mother’s decree that the potato cubes in a proper chowder have no eyes and that the onions be cooked to a golden brown. My grandfather taught me some 60 years ago how and where to catch and clean the fish. Without their participation today, this might as well have come from a can of Snow’s. And as always, you get a nickel if you find a fish bone in your bowl. I’m conveniently out of nickels today, but I’m pretty sure it won’t matter!

8 thoughts on “Chow(der) Time!!

  1. great post – not just the recipe and the photos, but what a nice nod to the past generations.

  2. I loved seeing the old electric stove top in one of the photos … I get the feeling the interior of your Rhode Island house is a time capsule of sorts … could be a good photo essay one of these days.

    1. Oh Betty. The house has been in the family for generations upon generations, Mr. EOS raised there…..the pink kitchen, yes pink, hasn’t changed since god only knows when. There are two stoves in the kitchen, an old gas one too that is also the source of heat come fall with a side heater. Change does not come easily to the Mr. EOS Clan but perhaps the true beauty of this giant summer house is that it is today how things were back in the day, when cousins came up with steamer trunks and stay for weeks, sat on the porch sipping homemade tea, fanned themselves when it got hot, and gathered in the steamy kitchen to make summer bounty. New neighbors build gorgeous new houses, complete with swimming pools and central air – their choice, but for Mr. EOS, it is wrong. He’s very old school from a good old Yankee family that raised him old school. How he fell in love with me is a mystery. I’m a New Yorker, with very New York sensibilities, and while I love the summer house, there are days when coming home to NY is…..dare I say, sublime?!

  3. Oh I loved this…made me teary! (and homesick!) I don’t think the chowder spoon is an heirloom but still…no other spoon is to be used for dishing out the chowder, right?!

    1. Anonymous@2:08am. That’s hysterical!!!!! We are the Original Green Acres Couple. I wonder if they got the idea for the show from us. I’m not quite as bad as needing Park Avenue, but I did hug my central air thermostats when I got here.

      1. EOS, it’s a good day if I’ve given somebody a reason to smile or even better laugh. 😀

        Take care and I hope y’all ride out this storm safely and damage free.

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