Closed Monday

Bad idea to have a long list of local errands today. I was thwarted at every twist and turn by CLOSED signs.

One of the errands was to stop by the local farm stand for some sweet corn to go with tonight’s fish dinner. I was going to stop at the stand FIRST, on my way out-of-town, but I realized it would mean I’d have to carry fresh corn in a hot car for several hours so I convinced myself stopping on the way back home would be better. Yep, you guessed. By 4:00 they were sold out, although they told me the crew was out gathering more and I could wait…how long I asked? Gee, I’m not sure. Okay, I’m come back tomorrow.

But I did buy some of their tomatoes, some lettuce, a box of local blueberries, and for tomorrow’s Cold Pea Soup recipe, 2 pounds of English peas.

For the cold pea soup

I thought strawberries were gone and blueberries not quite ready but....

3 thoughts on “Closed Monday

  1. Beautiful produce and I spied nectarines in the far corner, by far my favorite summer fruit.

    I think you need a personal assistant to organaize your chores and open/shut dates for local shops. I’m available for the low low price of room & board as long as you have a phone line and an internet connection. 😀

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