Hey, NBC, What the Heck????

UPDATE @ 4:38pm: NBC apologizes for “regrettably” editing a portion of the pledge out. “Not done on purpose.”  Right.


A rare moment to myself, I sat down to watch the US Open golf tournament. I caught the very beginning, with the fluff pieces and opening footage. With scenes of the Congressional course interlaced with a classroom of school children saying the Pledge of Allegiance, NBC decided to cut out the phrase “under God” as the children recited. Fade to golf course. Fade back to children for “With Liberty and Justice for all.”

Last I checked, no one changed the Pledge, so I say FIE TO NBC for deciding to alter the very important words.

The Twitter Feed on this is going crazy. I can’t keep up with so many tweets. Add mine to this pathetic choice, NBC.

15 thoughts on “Hey, NBC, What the Heck????

  1. Everyone is all over this story -Golf Channel is reporting it too. I bet NBC didn’t see this coming. What were they thinking? Apparently nothing, other than being PC. Maybe they thought no one would NOTICE????

  2. Even the atheist from California who sued the state to remove ‘Under God’ LOST, but NBC decided to change it? Absurd.

  3. Why did NBC even USE the Pledge if they found part of it offensive or un-PC? Either use it completely, or not at all. NBC gets a big fat double bogey on this hole!

  4. What did you expect from the most liberal news network in America? Anonymous @ 2:04 was correct – NBC sucks and anyone who watches them for news isn’t getting the news….they are getting an agenda.

    I love the sports though and do want do see McIlroy win so NBC is on now.

  5. Thank God I invented the Internet. Google “Under God” right now and see the hundreds of hits and real-time Twitter feeds about NBC blunder.

  6. Check again, EOSr. President Eisenhower, a very lapsed JW according to his mother, put that missing phrase into the Pledge well after you had learned the words in the 1950’s. Forgotten that already, have you?

    In behalf of the Deity, allow me to point out that if your allegiance is pledged to the “flag of the United States of America,” maybe you are not ready for “The Kingdom of God.”

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