Gasoline Prices April 25

I get gasoline at Hess most often, their prices the lowest in my neck of the woods. While there today, I chatted with a landscaper from Carmel who said he shells out $100/DAY to fill up his truck. I asked if he passed along any costs to his clients and he said no, he didn’t feel that was right.

My landscaper did charge us a fuel surcharge a couple of years ago, a modest sum that didn’t bother me. I felt it was important that I helped the mom and pop businesses stay afloat, and if by paying a surcharge when the fuel prices are high, then so be it. I suspect this year my landscaper will have to do the same.

3 thoughts on “Gasoline Prices April 25

  1. I also would be willing to pay if my landscaper (or other sub that work for me weekly) needed to tack on a fuel surcharge. These are tough times for businesses that are on the road – florists especially.

  2. Showing my age here, but I remember cigarettes at $3/carton and gas at 27 cents a gallon.

    It’s not that they’re so expensive now, its that $35 back then was a troy oz. of gold.

    Today’s price: $ 1,506 the oz. for gold and silver at $50, a price not seen since the Hunt Brothers cornered the market.

    So really, what’s changed? Only your dollar. And our values as a country.

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