Does Not Compute

For all the 1980s Happy Birthday banners and cards. Toss.

A family of techies is fun group for the most part – we rarely need to call in a service person, one or the other of us can diagnose and reset and download and install. But with that love comes a slew of now useless boxes of software, and heavens, even a diskette or two to prove how long it’s been since we’ve hoed out the office. Today seemed like as good a day as any.

Say goodbye Print Shop. So long MathBlaster. Even the fun game Gizmos and Gadgets that the kids loved. Tossed, like a good salad.

I’ll be saddest to toss Street Atlas USA by DeLorme. It was the way-coolest software of the day, before MapQuest, Google, or car-GPS systems. I remember telling my friends I could locate their destination and print out a route for them. Gee, we Nerds are a class unto ourselves to get so excited about a map software.

What I won’t throw away are the vintage floppy disks, that went with the now also vintage Apple II which is some box in the attic. But to keep the good old stuff, the in-between stuff has to go. Click Delete.

For a Sony Vaio three computers ago. Toss.

Some of the children's favorites...and Street Atlas. Toss.

Dell Diagnostics. 1998. Toss? Yes, toss.

Miscellaneous. Toss

I even loved this game. Toss.

All the big empty boxes. Toss.

3 thoughts on “Does Not Compute

  1. It’s hard to believe how quickly this stuff goes from amazing to obsolete. I have drawers and boxes full of cables, keyboards, modems, and disks. And my old Mac SE still works!

    Great post, EOS. Good advice, too.

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