Harbor Bridge Climb

Mr. EOS decided his Bucket List wouldn’t be complete without the bridge climb and I tagged along as the Captain of the Cheerleaders, Official Photographer, Wallet and Watch Keeper, and of course, Finish Line Hugger.

His words:

The experience was magnificent, not nearly as strenuous as you might expect. That said, it gets you twice the height of the Opera House and half as tall as the Sydney Tower. The top of the each arch is actually a solid piece of steel about ten feet wide and you walk on steps inside a narrow catwalk centered on the span. If you look straight down, all you see is your feet, making it easier to obscure the height, if you are so inclined. It was necessary to scale or descend a set of four very steep ladders.

Plenty of time for resting, good commentary about the things you can see by the guide, and it was a beautiful warm day – what more could you ask for.

One of the real highlights, as simple as it may sound, was watching a sailboat pass by the Opera House where you see the billowing sail replicated in the Opera House roof.

Mr. EOS’s group was composed of eight related Brits here for a wedding, including the bride and groom. A couple on a delayed honeymoon. A gent from Zimbabwe working in Perth but on holiday in Sydney. And of course, one Intrepid American Tourist!!

Not a TOTAL wimp, I did opt for the Pylon Pass that got me up 200 steps into a Pylon at the near-end of the bridge where I got some great photos. None of Mr. EOS’s group, but a good one as one group came out on to the bridge for the first view. Check out the “oooooohh” look on some of the faces.

Mr. EOS and His Group, heading out

Me walking on the bridge to that pylon in the distance

My view from atop the pylon

Me, atop the pylon platform, photographing a group heading over the archway

Me, down off the pylon, but still photographing groups heading up and over

I love this photo; the woman are all saying "ooooohhhhh"

This is Reason One of Several I didn't do the climb; one of the four very steep ladders to navigate


This should give you a sense of the verticality

A Smiling and Very Happy Random American Tourist

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