Taronga Zoo

A ferry ride out to the zoo for the morning was the perfect choice on this hot and sunny day. The zoo is going through some major renovations and additions so some of the exhibits were closed and finding the laughing kookaburra was hard as they were atop the trees and the sun was behind us, making seeing into the netting almost impossible. A koala never disappoints.

A great zoo, if for no other reason than to see the city from the harbor coming back from the zoo. But expensive. For the ferry rides and entrance to the zoo for two = $99.00 AUS.

Ferry Wharf 2 to Taronga Zoo

Our ferry to the zoo

Sky Safari gondola ride to top of zoo

Cassowary, not to be confused with cassoulet!

Kangaroo with Nicotine Patch?

Baby Wallaby

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

Koala's ARE sooooo cute


Koala taking a nap because they feed on low-energy eucalyptus leaves exclusively so they spend alot of time sleeping and digesting.

Komodo Dragon

Looking for Captain Hook?

Laugh for me Kookaburra

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