Talk About Hobart Hospitality!!!!

This afternoon we were walking back to the hotel, moseying, enjoying looking over fences and into house gardens. Snooping. One house, named Ashleigh, caught our eye. Not just the architecture with wrought-iron double-decker porches, but the gardens – oh the gardens. We stopped to take a few photos and what to our surprise, we were asked by a women standing on the sidewalk if we liked those gardens and when we said yes, she said it was her husband who cared for them and did we want to come in and meet him! Turns out she owns the house, invited us inside, we met her husband, originally from Indiana but now a bone-fide Australian lawyer, and got a tour of the main floor and other gardens not visible from the road.

Now understand, she hadn’t a clue who we were, only that we were tourists from New York, and that seemed to be enough for her to open the gates and let us in. We were so honored and pleased to be invited in. The final treasure was that the homeowner gave us some of her JUST MADE scones, complete with jelly and cream. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Stough!!!!

looking up at her porch roof

the scones...........mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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