Firefighters around the world are a fine breed – committed, strong, proud – no matter the location. With a son who is a firefighter, we asked our guide today to take us to a Hobart Fire Station. We have the honor of being the first tourist to ask for such a visit…..even our local guide had never been inside!!

The station has a museum with cool old fire trucks, the neatest a 1966 VW Van, once owned by Cadbury Chocolate (who has a plant here). It only has 1000 miles on it and the fire department told us that when it needed service, the local VW dealer gave them the 1000 mile check-up free!!!. We bet VW would love this for their own collection. Rare indeed.

Here, firefighters deal with the usual high-rise and house fires but their biggest concern is a brush fire up in the mountains. The ambulance crew and paramedics are a separate team, not firefighters. We asked if there was a special scuba team of firemen for any harbor incident and were quickly told, no, that fell to the Police Department!

If our son is reading this, wait ’til you see what we are bringing you home!!!!!!!!!!!!