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  1. How pretty!

    I’ve had a lot of fun getting caught up with your posts and reading about your wonderful trip, EOS! Looking forward to reading the rest … until I leave on Wednesday for my vacation in a far less interesting place, a week at a friend’s time-share in PuertoVallarta. But, it’s a vacation, and I’ll take it! So, I’ll keep current until I leave, then will do some catching up again when I return. Thanks for taking me to another part of the world, if only vicariously. I’ve enjoyed all the posts and photos very much! Happy and safe travels!


  2. So much that we didn’t see in Hobart on our visit there… loved the descriptions and photos of MONA…. too bad that the weather didn’t cooperate for Cradle Mountain but you’ve clearly let your curiosity lead you to some wonderful spots in Hobart!!!

    1. Pam: we think coming directly to Hobart was the best decision we made on the fly. We’ve seen alot of scenery, all wonderful, and honestly, needed more city than trails and trees. Also, we had just come off three days around Huka and the lodge so we were leisured out.

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