Over Here, You’ll See……

Um, nothing.……

We had quite the foggy, windy, rainy, and all-around yucky weather day from when we left the hotel at 9am until we just came back now at 6:30pm (this our Monday, so Happy Valentine’s Day to our kids and my mom!!!)

Our excitement level was high at viewing the large wind turbine farm at the top of Wellington, Project West Wind, with 62 turbines. Not a one was visible, not a one, except the original,  experimental turbine built in 1993 to see how it would stand up to the strong Wellington winds. The ones that they put up that we DIDN’T see are three times the size. We can only hope we can see the strand from the sky when we fly out tomorrow but what a huge disappointment.

Here’s the link to what we wish we had seen. Sigh.

UPDATE TO WIND FARM: On our flight from Wellington to Taupo, we finally got to see the wind farm. See those toothpicks down below on the right????