Funiculi’ Funicula’ Funicular

Wellington is often called the San Francisco of New Zealand- the fog, the wind, the steep hills, and the painted wooden houses. Living on a steep hill keeps homeowners pretty skinny, as getting up to their homes means steep stairs, but, if you can afford it, you can apply for a permit for your private funicular.

Look closely on the left side and you'll see the "stair lift". Many houses are sold without roadway access, like this one, built by Americans (natch). The entire house had to be erected by bringing materials up by funicular. Or oxen!

Timber houses sitting like perches in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn

No Steps Needed!

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    1. AA: We asked the same question and I gather they create a dirt road for 4-wheel drive vehicles, and really, do use horses and mules, Wouldn’t for the life if me want to be in the moving van business there!!!

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