It’s a Whole New World

We ate lunch so late today that we opted to stop at the supermarket for a little cheese, crackers, and dried fruit for supper. Okay, wine too. We had the best time in the market, and unlike my experience at the Fairway Stamford, I was not led out!!

We couldn’t help but be amused that the Kiwifruit was from…Italy?????

We're told NZ has the best ice cream in the world. This looks pretty good but we didn't buy any, afraid it would melt by the time we walked back up the hill to our hotel. There's always tomorrow!

Most breakfast orders say "Streaky Bacon." We haven't determined what it means yet but we guess more fat?

4 thoughts on “It’s a Whole New World

  1. To be fair, I guess if they’re willing to sell Italian kiwi, New Zealand can claim the best ice cream in the world (although I still think it’s the other way around). But Rice Bubbles? How did Snap, Crackle, and Pop let that one slip through?

  2. All hail the NZ marketing genius who changed the name from the Chinese gooseberry to the kiwi! Yep, that’s what happened, in the 1950s I think.

    I noticed NZers eat kiwis by cutting them in half then spooning up the contents as if they were eating a little cup of yogurt. Makes a lot of sense.

    1. We’ve had kiwifruit every which way to Sunday except scooped out – but that makes sense.

      We’ve been corrected several times in referring to the fruit as kiwi, not kiwifruit, as distinguished from the kiwi bird, after which the people are named. NZers are very sensitive to that.

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