Tranz Coastal Express?

We could have flown across the United States in the time it took this train to get from Blenheim to Christchurch, but the view of the scenery was worth (almost) the slower mode of transportation. That helicopter would have us here in an hour; the train, er, five and a half hours.

The train for the most part followed the east coastline through Kaikoura, a famous whale watching village. We saw many fur seals along the route, told by the conductor that their population is increasing since the government banned their killing.

Many many sheep farms and lots of cattle too.

We’re settled in for the night in Christchurch (Tuesday at 11:20pm) after a good Thai dinner. Tomorrow is a full day of sightseeing, including a leisurely punt on the Avon. Cheerio from this very British city.

3 thoughts on “Tranz Coastal Express?

  1. Other than the one barefoot person that inadvertantedly appeared in your lunch adventure photo series, it would be great to see some more natives….not you of course.
    Just some local folks to get the perspective… meanwhile it is freezing in Bedford.

    1. Anonymous: while I agree in principle that taking photos of natives would be fun, we are a bit uncomfortable doing so. Anyway, this is peak tourist season, so the locals are in hiding until we all disappear!

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